Are you a sports fan? Are your friends and family sports fans? Would everyone you know love to get a chance to play live with their favorite sports athlete? I am giving you the opportunity to come aboard before the app launches this fall. Let me introduce you to a better way of playing.

This is not a fantasy game. This app was built by veterans of interactive sports and has received mobile rewards. It will have features such as: Strong Social elements that will allow live chats with friends during live events. This not a spreadsheet so it will feel like a game that removes fantasy sports negatives like gambling and problematic levels. A “FREE” App with in-app purchase and In-app advertising that offers a freemium game mode. It rewards players for accomplishments by positions at the city, state, national levels along with a developed structure of players, sport promoters and league managers. Last but certainly not least, would you and your friends and family love to my money from the very same app that you all play? Well this is your chance to become an affiliate and player.

Most fantasy sports sites focus on football and basketball. The NBA averages 17,000 per game. NASCAR’s typical audience is 98,000. But there are other sports fans across the globe. We can capitalize on a larger global market. 3.4 billion people watched the World Cup. Hockey, Cricket and Soccer which are the largest international sports and even Global Events such as: The Olympics, Tour De France, World Championships, etc. are open markets. 

So let compare Fantasy Games vs. a Better way of Playing.

                   Fantasy Game                                                                          A Better Way of Playing

• Play multiple games across a sport                                • Play a single game, with the team you love

• Play with a “global” base of players/users                    • Play by yourself or with your friends 

• Play the same “stats” every game                                   • Choose the “stats” you want to play

• “Stats” is very heavy                                                           • “Stats” are involved but Game heavy

• Aggressive positioning                                                      • Social positioning

• Jackpots keep getting larger                                            • Earn points and accomplishment awards

• Top 11% of players EVER win                                           • EVERYONE wins

So I ask again, do you and your family and friends love the idea of making money with this same app? If you do I’m welcoming affiliates to join us in launching this app in the fall. This is by invitation only and it ends the end of August. 

The better way to play! Play along with your team and bring the game to life and make the game experience far better than before.  It’s just fun !

App is free to download and play. One time enrollment of 29.99 for affiliates until the app launches. After that it will be 39.99

This article was published on 31.07.2016 by Crystal Dowe
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