5 Years Ago I Never Expected this Company to Survive

To be honest 5 years ago I never expected this company to survive when they first launched with just one product. Even the name gave me the impression that someone had throw this together quickly as a grab an go money maker.

 The market appeared saturated with similar offerings all claiming to be the next big thing. So a deeper dive is needed to understand why they are still around and even more so, how they have opened up for business in more than 140 countries and, are Debt Free.


So we all know that the products must work and be worth the price to be successful. The business plan has to be solid. The leadership must be experienced and savvy. Distributors must be paid adequately and on time! Recruiting distributors and customers must be doable for the average person.

So now add a new recruiting system and I think I just described the perfect plan and company to work with, without dishing up any hype! Okay so I discounted this company 5 years ago and can now confirm that I missed a real opportunity. Well I also didn't buy shares in  Apple so belong to the larger group who seem to miss really good opportunities. So time to change all of that and focus on what is working.

What's working,

This company provides over 9 websites for members to use to market the products online and yes the company now has more than 1 product in their line. One feature that will appeal to those wanting to build a large organization is the ability to purchase pre-enrollees who are sent directly to your business building site. Additionally there is a rotator feature that you can use to add in the business sites of your downline to help them grow with you. So there is virtually no time needed to find resources as it's all available to members. Think about the time it would take you to put these resources together on your own, and even more so the time it could take explain to others how to do the same. For people who always struggle with sharing and recruiting the system now made available is simply first class. So no struggling to know what to do to build a group. No struggling to help your team as it's pretty simple to follow the process. The products are successful, they work, they get results, and they generate repeat customers. The company has past the test of time making it beyond two years so no fear of here today gone tomorrow. Cost you nothing to review and take a test drive here,


Thanks Alan

This article was published on 05.08.2016 by Alan Davies
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