Think About Your Favorite Revenue Sharing Ad Program on STEROIDS okay?

Introducing One80

EPX180 or One80 offers a number of ways to round out your traffic generating options and pumping up the volume of hits or views to your website. Yes, you can join, earn and get your own visitors for FREE. However, these will often be real potential customers or views of higher quality due to the other membership levels that require an investment or monthly commitment.

Earning with the EPX180 referral program has never been quite as simple. Earning credits doesn’t have to cost you a penny and getting started is entirely FREE.

There is no limit to the amount of traffic you can earn or even purchase through Adpacks.

First up, something really unique about this program that will separate it from all others is that while there is a FREE option – there are also Pro and Ultimate memberships that not only add incredible earning potential but also there are additional features including but not limited to:

Taxbot: This feature assists and makes it much simpler for business owners or operators and even contractors to track their expenses thus converting them into big savings through allowed deductions. Taxbot takes the hassle out of the cumbersome reality of being in business for yourself and taking full advantage of the tax code.

VIP Deals Direct: How would you like saving up to 50% at well over 300,000 locations throughout the United States? This includes recreation and entertainment such as renting movies or purchasing movie tickets, discounts for eating at restaurants, saving money on your essential groceries and goods, various services on your home, auto and for travel expenses such as hotels and motels. The list of ways you can save with the VIP Deals Direct is extensive.

AdPacks: Like many other competing services, you can purchase website visitors or views via the purchase of adpacks. You can also purchase text ad impressions, banner impressions or a combination thereof with the purchase of your single Adpack or Adpacks. It really gets fun when you start sharing One80 with others who also purchase Adpacks and you get to share in the profits! You are able to earn $1 per day for surfing 10 web pages throughout 55 days and then you may cash in straight to your checking account via ACH. You’ll be earning 10% or more for the month (depending on your other activities and referrals).

Surf Exchange: There is a 2:1 surf exchange where you view others’ sites in exchange for them doing the same and viewing your sites or ads. After you have surfed enough pages to earn credits you may in turn assign them to your own ads to get more views or traffic.

The Pro and Ultimate memberships will allow you to earn via a powerful 4x5 base matrix that provide you with the potential for some very serious commissions.

Plus, it is very easy to break even with 4 team members with a 30% payout for level I referrals and; if you do not break even they’ll make up the difference through other means. The compensation plan can really boost your profits to the extreme and is backed by other bonuses beyond the 4x5 matrix.

There are other affiliate bonus options available and a robust if not extravagant back office in which to manage your One 80 activities and business.

Signing up is super simple and you can get started right away.

Surf the ad exchange, post your own ads and even consider the Adpacks.  

Check it out and join for free – but you’d be crazy not to seriously consider the other memberships.

Announcement supplied by M3 Solutions.

This article was published on 26.07.2016 by Kevin Mallory
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