What's The Value Of Having A Sales Funnel

If you're building a home-based business or building your MLM business, you should be using a "sales funnel." Most people don't understand what it is, why its crucial and valuable for your business, how it can help you sell more products and attract more reps in your business. Every sales funnel you create can capture leads..present your opportunity..sign up new reps and even follow-up with unconverted leads, automatically 24/7!

A sales funnel is a path that directs prospects to learn about your product and opportunity effectively!

Here are 3 things to discover how to explode your business:  1) help your team get a lot more quality prospects (for FREE), 2) help them sell a lot more product and 3) help them enroll a lot more reps 

Why is it critical that reps can easily generate their own Free leads? I call it duplication. Whatever your doing and showing your team, they must believe that they can duplicate your efforts. The key to duplication is having a system.

Can your reps give away something very valuable for Free? Yes! So, we offer 2 viral tools that are very valuable that your reps can give away for FREE Forever! The two viral tools are:  1) Give away a FREE Lead System and 2) The Top 5 (Dirt Cheap) Tools I Use To Create Endless Leads & Traffic.

An effective sales funnel: 1) lead capture page, 2) email campaign (email follow-up) for more exposure of your business and 3) sales page.

A sales funnel with definitely benefit you if you have a replicated website for your product or business. Will you know if a prospect visits your replicated website? No.. Can your distributor's website automatically follow-up with prospects? No.. Can your distributor's website do Targeted Marketing for your prospects with different needs? No.

In theory, most reps send prospects to their replicated website that they get from their company. But, a replicated site does NOT do the critical things required to sell more products & enroll more reps!

If you have a good sales funnel, your prospects will be more likely to buy your product or join your business.

I hope you get the importance and the value of having a sales funnel for your business, products and a replicated website. Invest in your future and your business. Click here to see how this system and the sales funnel works!

Thanks for taking the time to read by Announcement.  Make sure you check my website and sign up for your Free Lead System and start getting FREE qualified leads to help grow your business.

This article was published on 26.10.2015 by Sheila Caldwell
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