Identity Theft - Are you at risk?

Latest Statistics show that every 2 seconds a new person becomes a victim of identity theft.

We all think that as long as we have the latest Anti virus software, protection through

your bank, Lifelock, Equifax, your credit card service, etc how protected are you really?

We all have some kind of insurance to protect our property, but what about our identity?

What about the identity of our children, the next generation? If you think that you can

protect yourself on your own, look at the latest statistic again, every 2 seconds a new person

becomes a victim of identity theft!

Just to be clear, no matter how careful you are, even if you minimize your online activity you are 

still at risk. If you have credit or a bank debit card and have gone shopping for groceries

today, used it to put gas in your car, pay bills, gone out to dinner or just bought lunch at your

local eatery or fast food restaurant, that puts you at risk for Identity theft. Even if you choose 

to pay for everything with cash you can still be at risk because Identity theft isn't just about 

money anymore. Identity theft cases can range from stealing a person's medical records to SSN, 

Driver's license information, bank records, and information regarding your child's identity

to take out loans in their names as well, and much, much, more. That is why it is CRITICAL

to take a proactive stance when it comes to Identity Theft.  If you need verification of how serious 

Identity Theft is, just do an online search using the keywords "identity theft" and see for yourself.

Now let's look at your options to protect yourself from Identity theft. Just as there are many 

different car insurance companies out there to offer different types of car insurance,

home insurance companies offer the same for home insurance, fire, theft, etc. You also have different

options to protect yourself from identity theft. So lets go over some of the options that are out

there to see which ones offer the most comprehensive AND cost effective solution.

Let's start with the obvious one, Lifelock. they start with a basic plan of $9.99 per month (which goes up

to $14.99/month after the first year) and goes up from there. It is a pretty decent plan and with their 

partnership with Norton makes it a pretty good value. Lifelock has worked really hard over the years

on their customer service to restore consumer confidence after their shady past history. But as consumers

today we like to have everything bundled up to save us money, and unfortunately Lifelock doesn't offer that.

To protect a family (Husband, Wife, 2 or more children) would cost you over $40 per month using their 

BASIC service and they offer a limited $1 million guarantee on their services

if you become a victim of Identity theft. I personally have never used Lifelock so I cannot comment 

on how good their service is but if you go to their website you will definitely find testimonials of 

their services there. Although their service provides customer support to prevent identity theft, 

based on my research, it doesn't provide very good customer assistance once you become a victim of 

identity theft. They basically give you the information that you need to go and take care of the 

situation on your own. If you are okay with the limitations that their service provides, then go to 

their website to learn more.

The next one we have is called IDSeal. It is a very similar plan to Lifelock except it is more comprehensive

and has a digital spy feature that you can use at anytime to see if anyone else is using your information and

they also offer a $1 million dollar insurance guarantee on their service if you become a victim of identity theft.

You can find out more about IDSeal through my website at and

under the services tab click Identity Theft.

The last one I will cover here is a service I have personally used for almost 10 years called IDShield.

IDShield offers EVERYTHING that IDSeal and Lifelock offers along with a couple of additional features.

First they offer a password vault to store, protect and secure all of the passwords that you use

online.  Right now I currently use Last Pass Password manager but I am in the process of transferring all

of my online passwords to the IDShield Password Vault. The other feature is that unlike Lifelock, if you

become a victim of identity theft, you will have a Specialist licensed my KROLL (which is the leader

in the industry for risk management as well as Identity theft) to help restore your identity to

pre-theft status. To learn more about Kroll and their history you can go to their website at .

In addition, unlike the other 2 services IDShield offers a $5 million dollar insurance guarantee on their service.

I would also recommend that if you choose IDShield then you should get a LegalShield Plan as well

just in case your problems with Identity theft become a criminal matter, which happens in some cases

when someone uses your identity to commit a crime in your name. The best part of IDShield is the cost.

Unlike the other 2 services that I have mentioned, IDShield for an individual is only $9.95 per month,

and $24.95 per month for a family and up to 10 children. The LegalShield plan I highly recommend to go 

along with it costs an additional $24.95 per month. To learn more you can go to my website here

Now there are many other companies that offer Identity Theft services and most of them offer less

comprehensive coverage then the 3 that I have mentioned here but in many cases charge more per month

for their services, so I won't be covering them here but if you want to learn more about them then

just do an online search using the keywords "identity theft services".

In closing I would like to invite you to Reach out and add me as a connection, or contact and either call

me or email me at the links on my websites. Till next time, take care and have an awesome and blessed day.

This article was published on 25.05.2019 by Robert Mcknight
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