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I could never keep a hula hoop going for very long. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t quite find the perfect rhythm. Yet, there are people like my daughter who can keep it going and going and going. People get a kick out of watching her go. And you know what they do? They get so excited that they begin adding more and more hula hoops to see how many she can twirl at one time. She’s a trooper, so she hangs in there until about the 4th or 5th hoop is added.  Their reaction to what she can do kinda reminds me of how employers react to their employees. Think about it. You learn to do your job pretty well….your boss gets excited; but instead of rewarding you the proper way, he adds another hula hoop. He wants to see how many jobs you can twirl at one time. In the beginning you don’t mind because you’re glad he has taken notice. But, before you know it, you now have 4 or 5 hoops and you’re getting tired. You want to move on to something else, but your boss is chanting…..Go! Go! Go!   How long can you keep this going? No matter how good you are, you have to stop at some point. The world record for twirling the most hula hoops is about 132. But I don’t think you’re trying to break a record on your job, are you?  If you’re tired of twirling all the hula hoops, check out this opportunity. It’s time to go at it at your own pace. It’s time to stop when you want to stop….. It’s time to add more only when YOU want to add more…. Put down the hula hoops and start living now!  Join our Financial Freedom Crusade.  We want to help you change your financial picture.  Many people have simply stopped living their dreams.  But, do you know the problem with that?  If you are not living your dream, 9 times out of 10  is that you are living some one else's.  If you don't work towards building your dream....It's almost guaranteed that someone will hire you to help you build their dreams.  Do you really want to continue to play the hula hoop game all your life?  Maybe you need more motivation..... Are you struggling financially?  Do you need more money to pay your student loans?  Your child's student loans?  Are you buried in debt?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you MUST Watch our 10 minute video now!  Visit our website at www.team2tough.com or email us at team2tough@gmail.com.  

This article was published on 30.07.2016 by Angela Jones
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