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Of course we don't mean it is one hour and no other time! Who would ever try that line? No, we mean one hour a day to success. I started with a $5 activation. Then I did some advertising to drive Traffic to my site. I got sign ups the first day. I was so elated. 

 As a 62 year old, with no retirement income to speak of, I needed to find that blessing that would fit a baby boomer. Residual income with potential to build on was my goal. I tried many, many, many over the years. Spent tons of money and lived and breathed Mlm's; only to see it all go to waste. This was the very first one I tried as an Affiliate. 

When I searched the net the only verifiable on-line businesses that could actually show me success seemed to be affiliate marketers. No instant lottery types but secure on-line planned success is what it came down to. I must be honest, I was shocked to get a sign up the first day. Many times I bought lists and did classifieds and Facebook with absolutely no results. The change here was integrity without hype!! 

They were honest with me right up front. When I had a question they responded right away. Wow. Maybe I found a company with some integrity; was my thought. I was right. 

Traffic is the answer to all on-line success. So what other kind of business should I get in to. Of course the Traffic industry. It simply made sense. Now as I learn and spend my one hour a day to create my expected retirement income I am sure I will learn much as I forge ahead.  ( I do spend more time when I am sitting around ) 

Have you ever experienced defeat on line? It is such a disheartening experience. The endless, seemingly dishonest trail of offers with no results, totally crushed my heart. I lost hope in humanity for a time and gave up on many industries such as car sales, credit financing for bad credit, and many MLM opportunities ; expecting me to harass my friends and family on a continuous basis. There simply had to be a better way. 

Now, of course, remember I am speaking of a 62 year old that can't get hired as a truck driver as they only want young people with lower risk health issues. The three years previous crushed me with the hundreds of employment ops I applied for. With NO RESULTS. Then came this economic crash. What else could happen? 

Well with no where else to turn, on-line seemed the only hope. I haven't gained thousands of dollars a day or anything like that, but a secure monthly income is fine. 

So here is my site and wish you all a great Harvest.

This article was published on 07.12.2015 by Brian Adamz
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