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     I'm going to be VERY transparent in this article. From the beginning of my career I have joined numerous companies in which I was promised the world by people I just happened to meet online. I soon learned that they were only in it to get a commission from my signing up. After a few times of being misled I gave up on working from home because I thought there was nothing that could actually produce true residual income. After about a year or so I decided to try again. I have a large family so my need to work from home grew over time. I reached out to someone I had been following for some time on Facebook and started with her company and to my surprise I found success. At that moment I made up my mind that I could actually work from home and create a income that would pay my bills and allow me my time freedom to be with my family when I needed to. I soon realized I couldn't be the only one who faced the issue of being scammed and promised that I wold be rich in a matter of weeks. So, I thought to myself why not help those people as well. I then started to find the top companies in the industry that had products or services of value and aligned myself with leaders to perfect my craft in this industry of network marketing. Things people needed not just wanted. After all, wants are pushed aside when it comes to needs. I thought why not give people options to choose from reputable companies that pay really well and can make a difference in their lives if worked. So I picked the top companies in the industry of Energy, Travel, Finance, Health & Wellness, eCommerce, telecommunications, & Work From Home Jobs and put them all under one roof. 

     All of these companies have something to offer of value.  These are all apart of one network... Path To Success Network to be exact. The website will have these top rated companies all available to view and choose from. Join one or join them all but just know you will be aligning yourself on a team of leaders who are determined to see you succeed. The website will be www.PathToSuccessNetwork.com so save that address and check it out before the end of the month. 

     Now, from being in this industry since 2005 and paying attention to how success is achieved I learned that MONEY LOVES SPEED! I was recently given the opportunity to partner with a man who created the #1 compensation plan in the entire network marketing industry. Our CEO Armand Puyolt has been in the Network Marketing Profession since he was 15 and has grown to become an 8 Figure Earner In the Network Marketing Profession. He closed 2015 having earned over 8 Figures by the end of 2015. In his former company he brought premium product ingredients to the market and helped his former company to expand globally, raised their sales to over $100 Million Dollars which pushed them to #1 in the industry where he was also named the Top Income Earner of that company.  He is known for being in MLMGuru.com and he and his wife Dr. Esther Ramos are currently on the cover of Networking Times Magazine this month. He is a man of integrity, truth and believes in growing people. You need to read his story if you believe in Network Marketing, you need to read this story as it will help you to understand who Armand Puyolt is and why he does what he does and why he is about building people. He has topped what he has done previously in the Network Marketing Profession with Prime Products and an Aggressive Compensation Plan. All of this is the reason why I aligned myself in this company which is still in Pre Launch. 

Armand Puyolt has personally invested $33 Million and Vida Divina Is 100% Debt Free. We are opening 10 Countries initially which are (USA, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Ecuador,Dominican Republic and Costa Rica and we are currently in the beginning or in the process of opening the (UK, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines, Ghana, Guatemela, Chile, Aruba, Bahamas and Trinidad-Tobago).

In each country we have the license to be in that country so we don’t just sell we are able to purchase and/or lease buildings as well. We also ship direct from those countries as we ship containers of the Vida Divina Products to those countries for distribution. Each country will have new corporate facilities, new jobs and top management leadership that comes from the local professional communities.

We are our own manufacturer and therefore we can keep our cost low and competitive by cutting out the middle man which allows Vida Divina to retain more and provide more in the compensation plan. The Corporate Offices are the home to testing laboratories, and actually manufacturer’s products for 26 MLM companies of which he owns the patents and formulas, Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson and also packages for Clorox, Clorox 2, Windex and Tide. Over 200 Patents are owned by Mr. Puyolt. 

The Vida Divina Corporate Office covers a 2 Block Radius, you will be able to fully visit the corporate facilities and take a full tour of everything which is AMAZING! The culture of this company Is Family, Friends, Fun and Travel...we are not about the material things. We are servant leaders and want everyone to WIN!! Leaders will be made.. So with that said I am naming Vida Divina as #1 Health & Wellness start up company of 2016. Get in position and partner with the best right from the beginning. Free enrollment which is for a limited time. Listen to the call and make a decision to stop LOSING & START WINNING!  Click the link and see why it different over here. www.VidaDavina.com I wish everyone much success and best of luck in all you do. 

 And remember,


D. Allard

This article was published on 08.07.2016 by Davena Allard
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