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I've delivered leaflets door to door and this in no different. When I first started online I was given a link and told go out and create sales, what they don't tell you is that its not that easy, So scam crossed my mind but then I thought maybe its me I'm not putting it in enough and 1 years later it did indeed click. so you have to stick at it even when times are rough ask any salesman you cant quit cause of one bad week or even month? 

There 3 things you need to succeed in this that is :

1. CAPITOL : money to invest on a regular basis dont believe your gonna give up your day job after 1 week thats a lot of people first mistake, Think ahead your aim should for 1 to 2 sign ups a month! THAT ADDS UP OVER THE YEAR! 

2. PREPERATION : Be prepared for disappointment. there are doubters out there that wont have the tools for the job in this case a reliable internet connection, a computer, and the means to use the features on the websites google Gmail facebook etc these things are a nessecity in online business. 

3.ORGANISATION: Your part of an organisation thats why they are successful so do the same set your self a daily routine whether thats 10 minutes (Ebuilder ideal for this) in the morning cause you have to work all day! or if your going at this full time treat it like a normal 9 to 5 job with 3 breaks a day! include a decent lunch who doesn't want to work 9 to 5. 

I'm a Designer by trade and Marketing go hand in hand so I wouldn't lie to you when I say that email marketing is the cheapest most effective form of marketing. How many people do you think check they post every day, Yep billions right, so thats a huge market companies like Cliqly are aware of this as are get-response and other similar Email marketing companies these aren't scams! But genuine people who know a huge market when they see one and Cliqly offering you the chance to use their services even give you the quality leads you will create with them. I know what your thinking whats the point in a lead or someone who's already shown interest in another company, well because that person may be just browsing for an opportunity and isn't likely going to find the one on offer appealing, where as your offer might be just what they are looking for so dont give up ever! If you believe in your product or program then the client is half sold is the rule.  

There other markets are social media, sports, etc. list is endless but do you know what is the top market at this present time Email marketing so believe me when I say that you need to create a good list of clients/emails for your contacts and of course potential clients at a fraction of the cost of paid ads and bought leads this is the place MLM Gateway. 

This article was published on 27.07.2023 by Dennis Bonnie
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