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E-Sports and E-Games are HERE to STAY. .Go Play Games, Have Fun and Get Paid

Whether you are a sports fan, like I am or not,  E-Sports and E-Gaming is the FUTURE and here to STAY!

We have found a way to capitalize on the money-making market.  The major investor is one of the BIGGEST BRANDED names in the world.  This new wave of having fun was proven during the time of the world's pandemic that had most people held up in their homes. Family and friends got together and had loads of fun on the internet playing ALL the sports and the games as if they were live right in the arena.

I have been in networking for many years and I don't leave companies, but I have had several that have left me. I have had many opportunities come across my desk and believing that one should have at least seven (7) streams of income, I have accepted a few that are still providing income and now I have been introduced to this one. Because of what it is, it is a GLOBAL business from day one.

See what is being said about this market and why you want to contact me NOW.  Seldom will you have the chance to get onto a platform while it is in the "under" the floor ground level, but you do now.  Look at what the news around the world is saying about this new phenomenon.

Fox Business Stuart Varney eSports CNBC eSports

On the new idea:

  • Virtually nobody knows about it.
  • You can join for FREE today.
  • 99% of the world talks about this topic daily and normally the discussions have a bit of passion behind them.
  • Since we are in MLM gateway together, I am giving you a couple of eye-opening short videos that I found from Fox Business and CNBC which confirmed how MASSIVE one of the products is that I had zero clues that even existed and certainly not globally known.
  • In 1st 24 hours, I spoke to 7 people and 100% of them jumped in less than 3 minutes once I shared the story. I was just the 39th person in my mentor's group on Saturday, May 22, 2021, so I am talking new as to getting things ready, even though the project has been being perfected for a bit over three (3) years.
  • Simple, super fun, and everyone who hears about it, "get it."
  • This time I have actually enrolled my daughter (OB/GYN) and son (Flight Attendant) into an MLM biz with me.  As you can see, this is certainly not either of their field of business but they like to have fun too.
  • Do this in addition to any other kind of biz you are working on. I'm doing it and I own other businesses + my Trading MLM and Healthcare biz.

Get the whole story, Get in now, learn all about it later

Ollye Whitfield


This article was published on 27.05.2021 by Ollye Whitfield
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