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Susumi Capital Lists SUSU Token

It may please you to know that Susumi Capital has announced the long-anticipated public listing of the Susumi Coin ($SUSU) on BiBox, the First AI Digital Asset Trade Platform and Cryptocurrency Exchange. Trading on the $SUSU/BUSD pair will begin on 3rd February 2023.

$SUSU is a cryptocurrency Token that functions as the native utility token of the Susumi Decentralised Crowdfunding App.
Susumi enables anybody to quickly create a Crowdfunding Campaign, known as a Susu Fund, to raise money in Cryptocurrency Stable Coins such as BUSD.
The unique feature of Susumi is that Donors to a fund are rewarded with $SUSU Tokens equivalent to the value of the amount of the donation made.

Therefore, whilst the $SUSU Tokens may be bought and traded on the exchange it is possible to obtain $SUSU tokens at a cheaper price by simply donating BUSD to an active Susu Fund on the App.

A Susu Fund is a blockchain smart contract that governs the Crowdfunding process.
The rules are that a crowdfunding campaign can be activated by depositing an amount of $SUSU Tokens.
The total amount to be raised from a crowdfunding campaign would be divided by a set number of donors, therefore each donor would be required to donate a fixed sum in BUSD.
Once all the donors to a campaign have made their donations the fund is matured and the sum of the donations in BUSD is transferred to the Wallet of the Fund Creator.
The donors are then issued with $SUSU Tokens equivalent in value to their BUSD donations.
If the donations into a fund are not complete within the fund tenor of 30 days, then all transactions are reversed and the original deposit and any donations are returned to the wallets of the respective owners.

Susumi is a win-win solution for fundraising. Agents, Network Teams, and Prospects can easily use it to raise money quickly in Cryptocurrencies for any purpose, such as to pay for initial buy-ins or investments in other programs.

In addition to the listing on BiBox, Susumi Capital will also be announcing further listings on other centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming weeks. This is to ensure that the wider community of Cryptocurrency holders have access to this useful resource.
The Susumi App, which is live and operational on, offers easy access to individuals in need of funding to receive donations in cryptocurrency stable coins from the community.

About Susumi Capital Corp:

Susumi Capital is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that empowers individuals and organizations to raise funds quickly using cryptocurrency. By utilizing the power of blockchain technology, Susumi Capital Ltd aims to democratize the fundraising process and make it accessible to everyone.

For more information, please visit the official website at
If you have a network or community contact me for early-bird partnership opportunities.

This article was published on 26.01.2023 by Sam Igwe
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Susumi Capital - Crypto Crowdfunding, Free to join
Raise money for anything from the community with Cryptocurrency Stable Coins. Create a fund by donating to an existing fund. When you donate you receive a reward in Cryptocurrency. You can raise minimum of $600 and up to $2M from the community.

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