How to get more sign ups in your Multi Level/Network Marketing Business- Part 3

How to get more sign ups in your Multi Level/Network Marketing Business- Part 3

So up until this point you have likely attempted to get as many of your warm market into your business and have very likely been declined by if not all, then the vast majority of them. If you have succeeded however, just know that you are extremely lucky and you have a great warm market which you should treasure forever and ever!

You have to keep going until every one of the people know that you’re in the company you are in or have seen the deal personally through and by you, until then don’t read any further because it is all part of the LIFE EVOLUTION that I spoke about in a previous article!

Ok so once you’re done with the warm market you are going to ask yourself “How on Earth do I get more people to check out what I’m doing and where do I actually find them”. Ok so do not despair because this is not something you’re going through alone, this is pretty much the life cycle of every individual in the network marketing sphere and there are several ways to increase the COLD MARKET. This one way in particular is great for people who are scared of the internet (although I do highly recommend using the internet as will be told in the next few parts of this series). This is through BECOMING MORE SOCIAL. Ok so how do you become more social?

You have to put yourself out there and visit local hangouts and get involved in your communities or others in order to meet new people and build rapport (basically a relationship with them) in which they want to know what you do and then you unload your company onto them and become part of your soon to be immeasurable downline.

Now I recommend that you DO NOT IN ANY CASE do this through people in your warm market who have already seen the deal and said no, because people talk and gossip and you don’t want them to put off your potential prospects before you even say hello to them.

A great way to find the best people is to find people who are looking for something more or want something more, and they’re easy enough to find. These people usually go to bars, strip joints, casinos, recreational sports venues and the like because they use this activity to fill a part of them that wants more! So go and hang out!

Until next time


Founder of Network Marketing Assistance

This article was published on 14.03.2016 by Yadav Timmal
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