THAT GUY COULD SELL ICE TO ESKIMOS!...Plus a FREE lead generation platform

How tough is it to sell someone Financial Independence and a lifestyle  of freedom?

Did you ever watch a movie  that was absolutely horrible  and as you were leaving the theater you thought to yourself:

“well, that's two hours of my life and 20 bucks I'll never get back”?

Now try this:

Multiply that feeling by over 1000 times the next time you're talking to someone who has  tried network marketing and failed for no fault of their own and you will begin to understand why most are not receptive to your AWESOME FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY!

It may take a while for your new recruits to realize the truth but most rational people will eventually catch on.

Be brutally honest with yourself:

How many people can you afford (emotionally, spiritually, and financially) to treat like commodities? In other words, what is your moral threshold of the amount of human suffering that you are willing to inflict upon others in order to build your empire?

Mine is ZERO!

The number of people who have been burned by this industry is staggering.

Do you know why you went and paid to see that over-hyped movie in the first place? It's because the trailer, which is only a minute long has all  the best clips crammed together.

That is pretty much what network marketing has become in most “opportunities”, a trailer for a horrible movie with only the best generic parts being promoted.

The short presentation you give does not live up to the rosy picture we sometimes paint of the “promise of residual income” that is theoretically possible in every company but truthfully rarely delivered because the product is overpriced and will not appeal to the masses without a pay plan attached or the company doesn't survive more than a few years.

We also many times neglect to inform our prospects of the challenges and obstacles they will face in this type business before they give us their credit card. That is one of the first things I tell folks. I'm telling you here aren't I?

Do you find yourself in a sitting in bad “movie” right now but you feel like,

“I hope this will get better because I paid $3000 to get in and  my sponsor keeps telling me, “the end is so phenomenal you will be really  sorry if you leave before it's over.” ”

I will say this without any hesitation or apology:

You can't beat the sobering statistics.

Over 95% of all MLM companies are not even in business after 5 years. You had better at least be in one that will survive that enormous hurdle.

The other issue is failure to compete for market share. Which usually is a major factor in it's ultimate demise!

(My prediction, (mark it down) most of the exclusively CBD oil MLM companies will be out of business by 2022)

If you don't have a product or service that you can offer to non distributors at a fair market value then you will be on an endless cycle of constantly replacing reps.

I have said this before:

If we don't start policing ourselves about how we behave there won't be a network marketing industry of any consequence in the very near future.

But there will still be “expert trainers”and “gurus” (99% of whom are not building a downline, therefore hypocrites) fleecing the dwindling population of die hard distributors who refuse to give up.

It's time to get real

Who does selling ice to Eskimos serve?

  • The salesman, who can successfully manipulate the Eskimo?
  • The Eskimo who already has an abundant ice source?
  • Both?  
  • Or neither?

I say that neither one is served, even though  the salesman makes a commission, in the long run what good is his reputation  going to be among the Eskimos?

What type of person do you want to be in this industry?

One with a lot of Angry Eskimos to whom you sold overpriced ice? Or a servant/leader with something that will actually provide value to the consumer market that you are going to penetrate with a team of motivated individuals?

What would be the net result if we told the whole story? That this business is not only obscenely rewarding but also  one of the most challenging things one can do to live a life of freedom and purpose?

I believe we may make fewer quick start commissions in the short run because we won't focus on recruiting solely for our benefit the priority but rather serve people's genuine need and in the process sponsor more quality distributors and retain a higher percentage of working builders on our teams. Then even if people quit they won't do it with a bad taste in their mouth or an axe to grind. We will start to repair the damage many have created.

This runs counter to the philosophy of far too many trainers in this industry because virtually everywhere I see ads appealing to how their methods are proven and easy.

That's the kind of garbage hype based marketing that is severely damaging the overall reputation of this genius business model.

If anything I have said resonates with you. I want to help you at ABSOLUTELY zero cost to you.

I want to offer you a free book on how to recruit people online and a lead generation system that my friend Paul has just put together to help network marketers sponsor people in way that is practical and also highlights the principles of service, value, and integrity that I personally believe in.

I don't ever endorse any trainers and this is totally free BTW, but I am promoting Paul because he is really all about helping as many as he can, because like me he struggled for years and had a long journey to success in network marketing. He failed in 14 different MLM companies (I failed many times in the same single company) , but he grew so impressively as a person, I am truly blessed to know him.

Since this is free I get zero affiliate commissions for promoting it because it's for anyone who wants to use it. I am getting the privilege of serving you and making valuable connections with people who are like minded.

I'm blown away at the value  this man continues to bring to both my life and the lives of others.

My primary program

This article was published on 02.04.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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