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Would You Be Interested in Owning A Piece Of The Worlds Largest Wireless Network?

The Internet Of Things Uses By Industry. (IoT) Has The Potential Economic Impact Of 2.7-6.2 Trillion USD Until 2025

Many people have the coin and they are making good money and loving it now they getting the making to mine them.

Will You Capture This Opportunity?

Welcome To The Future Get Your Own Network machine And Make Money this Is Your Vehicle! The Worlds, First peer- to - Peer Wireless Network.


This Machine Will Make Money By Just Having It Connected In Your Home Or Place Of Business. And it allows items that have IoT technology The IoT is The Internet of things inside them, like new IoT dog collars. so that if you lose your dog the IoT network will find your dog, and many more things like such as Healthcare, Building Management, Utilities, Transportation, Manufacturing, and many more Benefits, etc...If your fridge is connected to it then you can know when you go shopping what you are out of etc...It's a wifi network that only tracks IoT items. Right now it is a $55B industry. But by 2025 it may reach $6 trillion.

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So, what’s in it for us, why are we going to go ahead and get one of these devices and put it into the network.

Something we’re excited to be sharing is there’s now zero cost involved in getting these hotspots.

We have an opportunity to get a hotspot device and put it in our location without anything out of pocket.

There are no monthly fees, there’s simply no cost to you.

But it does mean you need to have at least three hotspots nearby where you are to form a cluster.

So, you can refer people near you who also get theirs free too.

When you do that you can be earning as much a 50 Helium Tokens (HNT) a month to 50 HNT a week or more depending on how many units are in the area. 

The more units in the area typically the more helium production that’s created through something they call proof of coverage which is their mechanism that’s generating helium tokens. Proof of coverage creating coverage for the IoT devices.

So, what’s the value of these tokens?

It was first exchangeable in early 2020 and when that happened ‘Pick a Crypto’ did an analysis of where they saw this entire model going and they were so impressed with it they actually thought the value of the token could exceed $5 at the end of 2020.

It didn’t quite hit that but did get just over $4 in late September 2020.

More importantly in their analysis, they felt that between now and 2025 the token could grow in price significantly.

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This article was published on 19.07.2021 by Mario Diaz
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