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Viduber Ad Free Video Hosting for Your Business Opportunity Videos

If you are making videos for your business opportunity you know the cons of using similar hosting services.  There are many restrictions on what you can or can't have on your videos or they show other ads and recommended videos of other businesses when yours is done playing.

Like this for example:

Recommended videos shown after your video is done playing

Take background music for example.  Perhaps they have the technology to match the music and block your content for potential copyright infringement even when you never claimed to make anything off of the music that might be playing in the background.

Some might even restrict what you say in your videos and not show it as much.

Viduber video hosting helps solve those problems.

Viduber is a video hosting solution made by marketers for marketers to store and even create their videos for any business niche or opportunity.  This could be your network marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) company, your personal branding, or just to host your own personal family videos (we all have those ones of our kids sports, dance and other events that we want to share with others).

Viduber will not and does not place ads on your videos.  Yes it is ad free and thus all of the focus is going to stay on your video and viewers will not be distracted by something else, especially a competitors product.

Right now you can try out Viduber for free at

Having the ability to create and upload your videos into a system that will not advertise the competition is priceless as you will not have to worry about them going away from your video to find someone else's product.  Remember that many other companies carry the same types of products, though it is truly the person selling the products that they end up relating to and wanting to partner up with, so the lack of a distraction is huge in your marketing efforts.

Many times we also want to do a spur of the moment video while there might be some music playing in the background that has nothing to do with our product.  Viduber will also not shut your video down or block out part of the video where music is being played and thus your viewers will be able to see and hear all of what you have to share.

Viduber Ad free Video Hosting

Viduber videos can be played on any social media channel that allows links, can be embedded into your websites (on your own blog) or even downloaded by your team to use as well should you provide videos for them to use in your team growth and training modules.

You also have the ability to see time watched statistics as well as place your own watermarks on your videos which have live clickable links inside of them.

Another amazing feature is the ability to redirect your videos after they are done being watched.  This is an amazing benefit because too often too many people do not take the next step or do not know what to do next and this makes it automatic.  This could be forwarding them to the next video in a training series or it could be directing them to your sign up page.

That in itself is extremely powerful in getting your prospects and customers to take the next step.

As mentioned above Viduber can be tested for free, though they have full access for monthly, yearly and lifetime options.  The lifetime option is highly recommended as it also comes with a bonus software called Testimonial Generator which is a great way to easily get video testimonials from your team, customers and clients.

Get started and try out Viduber here:

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

This article was published on 07.08.2022 by Dave Gardner
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Viduber - Adfree video hosting, 25 USD to join
Viduber is an ad free video hosting platform to host your videos for any business. No need to worry about copyright issues on music or ads showing up on your videos directing to someone else's business opportunity. Get started and try it for FREE!

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