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Make BIG MONEY like me with the iHEART PRO Wellness Tester!

  PYUR Global has 2 health products and a tester that can be purchased as well.

 The tester gives a reading of the bodies internal age. After taking the products for 3 months the test can be offered again free of charge. The distributor cost for those who want a tester is $400 or it can be ordered as one of your startup packages. The distributor charges $20 to $40 for the initial test, reducing the price of owning a tester.

 Let’s say you do 100 free test for friends & family and let’s say you charge $20 and you do 400 test. ($20 x 400 = $8,000)

 $8000 minus $400 = $7,600 Profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Let’s say you do 100 free test for friends & family and let’s say you charge $30 and you do 400 test. ($30 x 400 = $12,000)

  $12,000 minus $400 = $11,600 Profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Let’s say you do 100 free test for friends & family and let’s say you charge $40 and you do 400 test. ($40 x 400 = $16,000)

 $16,000 minus $400 = $15,600 Profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 On the other hand, products can also be sold without ever testing a customer or without the distributor owning a tester.

 There is a lot of spillover in a binary plan with a 7 level Matching Check unilevel

  Watch the iHeart Pro Dem with the Comp Plan here:

 The pay plan has a 7 level deep matching check unilevel with a 2-legged binary that drives the weekly pay income. Everyone only needs to kick off 2 legs to be qualified for weekly income.

 Each leg builds volume as people join and order the products.

The qualification to receive a check from downline orders is that you must have 50 cv personal or qualifiying volume for the month and have sponsored 2 qualified distributors. This can come from your own purchase or from customer purchases who is not a distributor. 

 You can get into the structure as a distributor and sponsor others by filling out the join tab information for the link sent to you by your sponsor and paying the annual $39.95 for the Virtual Business Center and Website. You stay in the structure and don't lose your downline as long as you current with your annual $39.95 for the Virtual Business Center and Website.

 You are also given several join packages to consider - either a $70/month (50cv) or $140/month (100cv) autoship option.

 You weekly cycle pay is based on the volume building up in a 1/3 - 2/3 ratio. That is a total of $600cv with at least $200cv on the weak side and $400cv on the strong side.

 You are paid $15/cycle if your personal or qualified volume is $50cv and $20/cycle if your personal or qualified volume is $100cv. You must also maintain 2 personally sponsored qualified Distributors.

 If you are not on an autoship for your $70 or $140 you can meet these requirements by your orders or you have sponsor one or more new Customers with new volume that equals the qualifying volume (50CV/100CV). This will have to be done each month.

 These $600/cycle volume buildups are all handled by the computer as each member starts their sponsorship of people who are building their own 2 legs.

 The default setting for the computer is to place people on the left and then on the right automatically or if weak side needs more help to automatically place your future people on the weak site.

Once you have at least one person on your left side, and one on your right side, you can go in your back office and tell the computer that all future enrollments go on one side or the other. That would be far outside left or far outside right.

 For example: Let's say you have SUE on your left, and BOB on your right. In your backoffice, go to MY TEAM, then click UPDATE PLACEMENT. Enter in SUE or BOB'S ID in the box marked PLACEMENT ID. Then select LEFT or RIGHT.

 The initial settings are set to AUTO, meaning it will fill down from left to right.

 Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions about this.

Volumes are counted from infinity and with a large group on both the left and right you have a better chance of someone finding a "Heavy Hitter" on the left and one on the right. This could help drive you to the maximum income of $20,000/week*.

 This is very exciting.

 If you work as little as 4 hours a week following our process you should be able to sponsor at least one new distributor a month. This gives you one new matching check and more volume in your binary. As each of your distributors sponsor just one distributor each month, in 12 months you would have over 4000 distributors in your group and be well on your way to the $20,000/week level*

 Don't forget that on the weak side and strong side the people sponsored by you will kick off a unilivel of other distributors in our 7 levels deep matching checks unilevel. This starts with 20% on level one.

There is always an upline interested in you and willing to help - No matter if you are on the uplines strong side or weak side.

 So sign up today and send this email and your link to your 1st level people today.

 *The company does not guarantee any income level. These numbers are mathematical examples that could result if a person worked hard and built a large group. These high amounts are mathematically possible but not likely for most people.

 Watch the iHeart Pro Dem with the Comp Plan here:

 Let’s Prosper in Health & Wealth :-)

Donald Hogue

Sponcer ID: 185732

 “What you do today can improve all your tomorrow’s”

This article was published on 10.09.2016 by The Television Don Hogue
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