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Lyoness is the largest shopping community in the world. What started in 2003 in Austria has grown in the last 13 years to currently include 47 countries (e.g. Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, UAE, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Macao, Hong Kong, Europe and the latest country to join ; India). Our more then 55.000 shopping partners worldwide include online shops, travel agencies, hotels, car rentals, and many more, but also restaurants and many other SME's. 

Upon joining you receive your own Lyoness member site where you have a full overview of your shopping and the money you saved. Once you have saved 10€ or more this amount is automatically transferred to your personal bank account. This is done weekly. One you are a member you can invite others to become FREE members for life as well. Upon doing so you will receive a 0.5% commission on all the money your friends and/or relatives will spend via Lyoness partners ... for the rest of your life. Inscribing a new member takes only a few minutes and you can easily enlist members from any of the 47 participating countries ... Easy as can be, the new member has all the information necessary in his/her own language. To make it even more interesting you also receive this commission on the friends of your friends. Small example ; you enlist 20 people who want to save money ... and they each enlist 10 who see the benefits of receiving up to 5% cashback. This would result in you receiving 0,5% of all the money spent by these 220 people with any of the over 55.000 shopping partners ... for the rest of your life ! If they would only spend 100€ on average, this would be 110€ on your personal bank account ... every single month ... without doing anything ... So why would you stop with 20 ? Imagine what 50 would bring you ... or 100 ... or ...

What about this Marketer Career ? This is where Lyconet comes in ... LYoness COmmunity NETwork. 97% of Lyoness members are content just to be shopper and have up to 5% cashback. 3% see the bigger idea behind the Shopping community and help the community grow. Whenever you decide to become Lyconet, this is where you can help in enlisting new SME's. Enlist your favorite restaurant, get your personal cashback but also receive the benefits of all the other customers who dine at the place ... become Lyoness member and ... spend lots of money with other Lyoness partners. And why stop with your favorite restaurant ? How about the grocer, pharmacy, pub, sports club, and many more ...

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This article was published on 09.07.2016 by Erik Max
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