Why Are You Online?

This is a question I believe each online entrepreneur should ask themselves and try to answer with all honesty. It is my opinion that understanding your reason for doing anything you embark upon in life allows you to remain focus and dedicated to your ultimate goal. 


I can almost guarantee that if you should ask ten online entrepreneurs this question “WHY ARE YOU ONLINE” there is a 90% chance of them replying with the hopes of achieving financial freedom. Financial freedom is usually the alluring thought that comes to mind when venturing online to earn an income and most online opportunities sell their products or services against this fact.

Though I will not refute this very important fact as truthfully working online not only provides you with the potential to be economically stable, it also provides you with the freedom to do the things you love doing; but there are some key elements that should be considered if earning online is to be a reality.

Key factors for Consideration:

1. Marketing strategy. ( how marketable is this business)

2. Identifying the right business. (is this opportunity for me...)

3. How sustainable is this business? (is this company going be around long enough for me to build a solid team)

4.Team building strategy. (do you have the tools necessary to train your team & can the process be easily duplicated)

5.*Overall budget. (how affordable is this business to the masses, especially to those just starting out online along with how much will it cost you to enrol and promote this opportunity)

The factors listed above are by no means the only key elements for consideration in achieving online success as each situation may differ.

Finally, your reasons for being online ultimately is to earn an income but this cannot be a reality without careful planning and execution; building a team or a community online of active followers becomes almost synonymous with you earning an income that will take you to financial freedom.

“Why are you online?”

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This article was published on 11.03.2019 by Troy Rose
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