Olympic Idea & OurGlobalIdea evolution since 2014 - Amazing up to 90% payout

I am Mike and i am an Independent Representative of OurGlobalIdea (OGI),

Ourglobalidea & Olympic Idea

In 2014 OurGlobalIdea (OGI) has announced its first product and caught my attention. I was an internet marketer at that point building teams with Travel and Discount in two seperate companies. What caught my attention was the following slogan:

"90% Payout, 3x8 forced matrix & unlimited commissions using a hybrid model"

The first product they released was in reality two digital products:

  • Olympic Idea: Consumers get discounts on local shops and e-shops using a membership card that costs 28$/month
  • OlympicBiz: Businesses can create their own Website/Eshop & get promotion on mobile web with just 160$ per year.

In the beginning it was tough to setup the network of loyal leaders. We got 100 leaders because of the 90% payout and we really saw the money coming our way. Then we gathered lots of people who just wanted to sell the OlympicBiz package. Soon enough in my country there were about 2000 business owners giving discounts to our members, they had their website and eshop and they were satisfied also. Members were getting real discounts from business owners and the network of card holders exploded in my country.

In late 2014 OGI announced the mobile app for iOS & Android.

In the beginning of 2015 another software as a service product came into beta testing: The OlympicMarketingSystem which is a Lead Capture Page creator that all network marketers love to have.

Until the the beginning of 2016 the company announces a massive rennovation. OGI keeps all the structure of the compensation plan untouched and has now 4 more new software solutions:

  1. Olympic Idea: The globa discount club that provides real discounts at the time of the purchase
  2. OlympicBiz: The website/eshop builder with web and mobile promotion
  3. OlympicMarketingSystem: The Lead Capture Page Creator
  4. MyOnlineCoach: An MLM team management and progress cheching tool for your team
  5. MyAutomatedWebinar: An automated webinar solution for great webinar automation
  6. OlympicAppBuilder: Mobile App Creator
The great thing is that it keeps releasing new software every year that we can use or resell and get commissions. Another very positive point is that all this software makes our lives easier and it is interconnected with our needs. 

Since i am an internet marketer I hate physical products , I left the product based network marketing industry long ago when there was enough stock in my drawers and it was mostly used for demo purposes rather than creating income for me.

Also i don't like montly production bonuses that stop existing when I stop promoting. I like bonuses based on my team's current number and I didn't like when i was paid lots of money only for the peaks of my performance. Here in OGI i know that if I just maintain my team's number then i get the same payment like the previous month.

What i like also is the All-In-One Business Model: One compensation plan, one matrix, one production bonus for any of the products i am promoting. So if i even don't like one of the Software products of OGI, i can focus on the next software product without having to learn the compensation plan all over again.

When i join a new company i do the maths and the maths usually can show you if the profits of the company are coming from the viral boost or if the company has done the maths to stay in business. So I have calculated that all the commissions are beeing made from the 28$/month that each members pays for every product. Which gives me security for the future. If the company drops from 30.000 members to 100 members, then there is money generated to pay all commissions.

You can start as low as 28$ (which i don't recommend if you are experienced) or you can start with 300$ to buy the 4 main programs at once so you can test them and find your match.

What if you want to learn more about OurGlobalIdea ?

This article was published on 25.06.2016 by Mike Mingos
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