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A friend of mine started working with this last September. He asked me to join. I was doing great then and didn’t look at it seriously. After Covid-19, I decided to shut down my digital agency business. I called him and asked him how he was doing, he told me he made 40K that month. My jaw dropped. At first, I didn’t believe him. Then, the fact that he didn’t care if I believed him, or, work with him, made me take a more serious look at this. Best financial decision of my life.

Why this works

1. With Covid-19 the amount of people wanting a work from home opportunity has tripled. This is a home-based business that requires no technical training, a person can be receiving money within days or weeks. Not years like conventional businesses.

2. It utilizes a gifting program created by politicians to receive money tax free. This has been used for years by politicians and wealthy alike. It is the greatest Tax-Free benefit the IRS has ever given! It is legal, tested, 19 years, 31 countries and growing.

3. It is a private activity and you must be invited by a member.

4. Not MLM, No inventory, No Meetings, No learning curve, No Selling, it’s a system that does all the heavy lifting and explaining for you. The opportunity is so different that it sells itself. People that “get it” love it. The rest think “it’s to good to be true” or “don’t believe it can be done”. That’s great, I’m glad this is NOT for everyone.

5. It’s high ticket! That’s the best part. Entry levels start at $500 and go to $10,500. It’s just so hard to make a lot of money with a $20, $50, or even a $100-300 product. Most aren’t businesses, they are hobbies. The only people that make money are the ones at the top with the huge downlines, followers, partners or whatever you call them. People are also more successful if they go into something spending real money. They are more serious and are committed to working harder.

6. No fat cat at the top! Not a pyramid, it’s a level playing field! We all make the same! 100% YES I DID SAY 100%! Last week I brought in 2 members, 1 @ $1500, one at $3500, I made 5K! It’s just Data!

7. Go to ""Watch all the videos (7 short videos) Monday and Thursday’s we have a live national Q&A call. You can hear answers to questions from people all over the country, you can also ask any questions you may have.

Email me, or call me 803-209-4906

This article was published on 05.08.2020 by David Ecksmith
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