RICH Printing Services The Future #1 Business Cards Supplier

RICH Printing Services The Future #1 Business Cards Supplier

One of the many services RICH will introduce will be the “Print Boutique”, offering graphic design & printing services. Think about T-shirts, mugs, caps, calendars, stationary etc., also flyers, brochures, business cards, either customized or from available templates. All RICH Users are invited to join our dedicated Multi Level Marketing Program, focusing on the promotion of our RICH graphic design & printing services. We have named this program “Business Cards Go MLM” because all that is required to join is a one-time order of 500 “Business Cards Go MLM” business cards – monthly fees do not apply!

An Incredibly Lucrative Global Home Business Opportunity!

To join “Business Cards Go MLM” a onetime payment of $48 (excluding shipping) for 500 “BC go MLM” business cards applies. Handing out business cards and other promo material to potential members is fun and lucrative. You meet them on the bus, the ballpark, at your workplace … Everywhere!

For promoting your “Business Cards Go MLM” home business, you can hand out professionally designed brochures, flyers and cards.

Sample Marketing Kits

You will receive a personalized “Master Copy” of many professionally designed flyers, brochures, promo and business cards.

The “Five-Phased Millionaire” Program

When you join “Business Cards Go MLM” YOU will activate a position in the “Five Phased Millionaire Program”. With a professional marketing approach and the right attitude, you may generate maximum revenues from this Genuine Money Machine. It will not happen overnight, but eventually you can earn ONE MILLION USD! This level of fortune will only be achieved by those members who are serious about marketing the ‘Business Cards Go MLM’ opportunity, both online and offline!


As the name implies, the “Five-Phased Millionaire” program consists of 5 Phases. In each Phase, you have to complete a forced matrix of 5 positions wide and 2 Levels deep. It takes only 30 members to complete each Phase. Users in your downline of Phase 1, will follow you in each of the 5 Phases. After completing Phase 1, you will receive another box of 500 business cards. The system will also activate another position for you in Phase 1, in your own downline. This rule applies whenever you complete Phase 1 with any of your active positions. One day you’ll have plenty of business cards to give out!

You Will Get A Personal RICH Promotional Webpage, For Marketing My Own “Business Cards Go MLM” Home Business.

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