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My friend invited me to join a new company and I thought "Here we go, another one that can't lose and less than a hundred dollars to join." To tell you the truth I was getting tired of all these new opportunities, and every one was supposed to be the best opportunity since sliced bread. The latest venture from my friend was called Moremito and it meant nothing to me. There was one word in her message that grabbed me though and that was FREE. Well, it won't hurt to check it out, I thought, and that's precisely what I'm hoping you will think, my dear reader.

So, I liked what I saw on the Moremito website and I became a Referring Customer. That means I can refer new sign-ups and also buy fantastic products for my own use. Do you know what I like most about MoreMito? There are only three products to choose from and one of them is for your pets.

Product Number One:  UltraMito Restore works from the inside out growing mitochondria to increase cellular energy and provide your body with the nutritional resources to restore, regenerate and repair itself physically and emotionally. Now you see where the name of the company comes from - mito short for mitochondria. But what exactly is mitochondria?  In simple words, every cell in our body has a nucleus (or center) surrounded by fluid. Inside the fluid are small structures called mitochondria and they make most of the energy for the cell.

Product  Number TwoUltraMito Rejuvenate is a topical gel that works from the outside in on areas of specific concern. It is highly recommended for anything that affects your hair, scalp, or skin in any place on your body in an unwanted way. It also penetrates deep to affect tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints that may be experiencing discomfort, mobility issues, lack of feeling, or poor circulation. Wow! That sounds good to me.

There are tons of testimonials on the MoreMito website from ordinary people who swear by these products. 

Product Number ThreeUltraMito Pet Life 2.0 because we love our pets like they are our children and we want them to have long healthy lives. UltraMito Pet Life 2.0 is highly recommended for daily use with pets of all ages. It uses natural ingredients that are amplified and driven deep into cells and into mitochondria. The benefits of Pet Life can be especially important to pet owners who want their pets to: 

● Have a healthier litter ● Have healthier skin and coats ● Be more energetic and mobile ● Recover more quickly from injury and sickness ● Live as long and as healthy a life as possible with less emotional stress and discomfort.

Pets bring us so much joy. Pet Life 2.0 was created to help us enjoy them for as long as possible.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Free to join and three wonderful products that will change your life and your pet's life. Let's get with it!

This article was published on 08.05.2023 by Sharon Wilton
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MoreMito - People/Pet Health, Free to join

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