Recruiting is hard to advertise. Trying to find some people to join your business. It's not easy at all.

No matter how many times you advertise, how many interests you get, it's just trying to get people to go that much further and join.

I have exactly 7 days until I rerank. I had set myself 2 goals for this month to achieve which was to become active and to find someone to host a party. I achieved both midway through the month. 

And I nearly stopped there, because I thought I done pretty well, but I re read my resources, to find that to rerank, I needed one recruit. And since then I have been advertising. I even got 2 lovelies interested in joining but not this month. And I'm not forcing them because it's not what I am about. 

So in the meantime I'm searching and searching for that one someone who will want to join me in this business adventure. It's an adventure because it's a chance for us to grow in the business together.

I would love it if I got more than one person on board. It would be heaven. But just to get the one will be the icing on the cake. To rerank in this month would be amazing.

Because I have achieved so much this month that I never thought that I could. I have made it to the heights that were impossible for me to climb. I mean I've gained confidence that I never had before. I'm aiming for something better, and that's talking in the sense of life and future for my son and I.  Its not get rich fast concept, but it's building to being financially stable. And that's what I want. To be able to live and watch my son grow without having to have money problems in the back of my head.

And this month has been so good to me, I'd love it even more if it could end in a high. But if not, I'd still try try again next month until I do. If it don't happen this month, it will happen

C'mon Lovely, come at me. I am the one that'll have your back All Day, Everyday throughout this journey in this business.   

This article was published on 24.08.2016 by Kellie Moekore
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