You Need This!!!

OK. I get that in a group of entrepreneurs, everyone is probably doing what they love...

I get that many of you don't want to have a new business... 

But I have some questions for you:

1.  Why wouldn't a business owner want to explore options to get free advertising, new customers, increased revenue and accept gold as payment?

2.  And why wouldn't anyone, who has the opportunity to take a portion of the depreciating currency they are earning, and save it in an appreciating asset?

3.  Why not get paid, just to save?

I mean, you want to build wealth right? 

You work hard to earn the paper currency called the US Dollar, right? 

Then why not take 10%, 20%, 30% of what you are earning and PAY YOURSELF FIRST, in the ORIGINAL form of money... It is inflation-proof and recession proof.  Don't think a replay of the 2008 collapse won't happen.  

Plus, you can acquire this original money in small amounts (as low as a gram) and earn free gold, just for saving in gold.

You might think, "Oh she is only saying that because she needs the money"

Well, this isn't my only source of income (entrepreneurs have more than one stream *wink wink*).  I also love helping others understand they can gain financial freedom.  I have been on a venture to understand money and how the wealthy become wealthy.  Then Karatbars came.   Karatbars is such an awesome wealth building system, that I had to make it a part of my business.  I am on a mission to help and teach everyone how to use this one of a kind system to never have to worry about money again... (to be quite honest, I love diversifying my financial portfolio)

If you are not sure whether to join or not, make the account and position yourself anyway. It is only free, and it takes less than 5 mins.  That way when you do realize you need it, you will already be positioned... You can thank me later :)

Every single person needs Karatbars but I do understand everyone won't take advantage of the opportunity. But quite frankly,  the only economy that matters the most, is the one in your own home...

So let me help you get set up or answer any questions.  I love helping people to build wealth.

This article was published on 01.10.2018 by Racquel Fisher
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Karatbars International - 24kt Gold; CashGold;, Free to join

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