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Hi, My name is Laura.  I'm 50 years old and would love to share my story with you.  Being disabled and a single parent on limited income I really felt like there was absolutely no financial hope for the future.  I struggled to make ends meet, I was literally living from one month to the next, at times I found myself praying for the month to be over so I'd get paid again.  I was constantly puttting my health and personal needs aside for the sake of my kids.  I was really self conscious about myself, because I didn't have the money to buy clothes, I didn't have the money to buy personal hygene products.  So I stretched them out as far as possible by taking showers every other day.  Wearing clothes for two or three days before washing. All because I was simply that broke.  I hated it, it was bad for me, it was bad for my children. But being disabled there was nothing I could do.  I'd searched 100s of online companies and lost more money that I could ever afford.  Something had to change, I could not continue on this way.  I am happy to say that I have found a company that allows me to invest in me.  

Zukul offers financial freedom for all.

Zukul is not about being forced to buy some product you have no use for.  Zukul is 2 companies in one.

Zukul offers four different packages filled with marketing tools. 

- Landing page Creator

- Auto responder

- Banner Creator

- Social Sniper

- Capture Pages

- Traffic

- Blogging Platform

- Video Submission Tool

- URL shortener and tracker

- SMS Platform

- Video Scribe Suite

- Youtube Buddy

**** Every tool comes with complete training

**** Every package comes with Earning Funnel and 3-tier affiliate program

Zan (the second company) Offers a platform for you to advertise, along with the opportunity to earn a percentage back on purchased adpacks. 

What other company offers you the opportunity to continue what you are already doing and get paid even more for doing it.  In fact they give you the tools to further advance your existing business while still making money.

Any money invested is an investment in you and any company you may already be running and an opportunity to earn still yet more money.


This article was published on 18.09.2016 by Laura Johnson
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