How To Get MLM Signups Online - Easy 5 Step Process

We all know we must speak to massive amounts of people to build a successful MLM business.

However, we all wish we could just get signups the easy way online, and never have to deal with rejection.

So in today's BA I will share with you how you can get MLM signups online, by simply working 5 steps over and over again.

Step 1: The Funnel/Landing Page

First you need a landing page. Not your company replicated website, as it will convert nothing. It's not set to.

So you need a funnel, a message, and a video to get a person to exchange their name and email for the information they are wanting to see. Ever seen this online before? I know you have.

This is how you get a "lead" to someone possibly being a person of interest. They showed interest to your "offer or giveaway" so make sure the giveaway is targeted to what you need a signup for.

Example: You are a weight loss MLM. Use an offer such as "Top 10 Weight Loss Tips" in exchange for name, email, and possibly phone number. 

Step 2: The Content

Now you need content, or a blog of some kind. You can build a consistent Youtube channel, blog, or guest write.

You want the content because it will be what you actually advertise and promote most. This is where you get people who would want the offer or giveaway, to find your funnel. Pulling them in through content.

The idea is to place new content up on a daily basis. Doing so will help your source become very popular and get many people loving it. Plus, they tend to share what they like.

Step 3: The Promoting

Now you can begin promoting. 

You have places like MLMgateway to run ads on. Social media sites to make posts about new content, and there are several tools out there that can get your content found by lots of people.

You will have to design your own advertising plan and sources yourself. Or refer to the link at the bottom to learn more places by visiting my own blog (see how this works?)

Step 4: Viral Content

There is a special way to help you get your content flowing around online, and it is wise to do this when you have little to no following as of now.

Using a tool called FOLLOWLIKE you can get people sharing your Facebook posts, commenting on them, leaving backlinks for you, tweeting your content and videos out, watching your videos, liking them, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Becoming a member of Followlike will allow you to get this for free, or if you want to go more viral, you can get a low cost subscription and keep activity going without having to participate yourself. Worth using for sure, and will get you several opt-ins to your funnels.

Step 5: The Follow Up Emails

You need to have a serious of emails that go out to all the people who have opted in to get your offer.

Not many people signup or purchase anything on their first visit. This is why replicated company sites are not good.

You create a series of emails one time, and have those emails drip to each subscriber. 

If you add links to personal made videos, introducing yourself, and other sources for them to learn more, you will see a rate of increase with each email.

Be creative with your emails, because they help the more work you put into them. 

Easy 5 Step Process Overview

If you have never worked this process, it could seem like a lot of work, or impossible to some. But truth is, after you have completed these steps a couple times, you will understand and even know what to do to increase more signups.

If you need the email system for followups (autorespondor), system to build funnels, or any other resources to help you blast your business all over the internet, then visit my website on a special page that will give you access directly to all of these resources

This article was published on 15.12.2016 by Jaye Carden
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