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This is great!!! I reffered two members to Wealthy Affiliate, they both became members about two weeks ago. I was happy when I received those notifications in my email. 

The first one came in then about a week later, another one. They simply clicked one of my affiliate links and joined. However, at first, it wasn't as exciting as I thought it'll be. Over the course of 8 days, I waited for both members to do something other than register. 

Like at the least, updating there accounts. However, neither of them got as far as the enrollment process. During this time, and since I was a new member myself, it was kind of difficult to be patient and wait for my refferals to make their move and do something.

Referal Check 1,2-1,2...

So I periodically, dropped by their profiles and left them little notes of encouragement. Nevertheless, both of my affiliate refferals, let the 7 day trial pass them by, way into each of their second week. 

So I, being the ambitous sort, went ahead to continue to update my Own websites, by adding affiliate links from the several companies that have approved my website as a channel to market their products from in which I will earn a specified commission for each sale occurred from where my links are generated. Doctoring up or updating my website was really fun by the way. 

Adding links, or coding is a skill that every member acquires after watching the informative instructional videos. Adding Affiliate links to your website Wealthy Affiliate Instructional Video.

 Imagine My Surprise... Again!!!

Well, I was surprised to see today that I earned a commission from one of the very same two new refferals that I signed up in what seemed so long ago, when in actuality, It hasn't even been a month since they each joined. But I now have high hopes that others will take advantage of the opportunity. Only because it's an opportunity to create real wealth.

Well, I'm proud to say that One of my affiliate refferals finally, completed their profile. That's a 50% conversion rate! I think thats really awesome. The referral also created their first free website. 

The Bottom-line

In other words, ( everyone gets 2 (two) websites automatically when they join Wealthy Affiliate. The most important part is to update their profile and at the minimum create his first website "Gods Gift Gaming" They can upgrade later. Like I did. Moreover, That same affiliate refferal informed me that he wants to upgrade his account to Premium in two days from todays date which is 11-15-2016. Upgrading is the best choice, plus the initial cost of $19.99 is extremely affordable.  After that it's $49.00 monthly or if you're really ready $359 a year, which saves you 65%. Like I said before, it's well worth my investment. Surely worth your investment too. Especially when you consider all that you have to gain. Membership, essentially pays for itself.  Comparison Chart

Joining was the best option for me and I would suggest that it is for anyone that has a passion that they want to leverage in creating an income for themselves and Really wants to make money online the right way. With no gimmicks, and a Thriving proven system that's been working for everyone that trys it out. 

One Special Note

Join free, first seven you can chat with the Wealthy Affiliate Community. However, after 7 days, you will lose that capability if you don't upgrade to Premium. But remember, you don't have to upgrade, you will still have your teo websites and be able to put affiliate links on them. My guess is you're gonna want to upgrade cause the program is Just that good!

This article was published on 16.11.2016 by Linda Dawkins
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