ZARFUND and the Association .

 Sizzle call link , code is 777 long time marketers say this is the easiest they have ever seen!STEPS: Copy and Paste from your notepad

Have a Blockcahin account (Zarfund requires it, its the best method) Once you have your wallet ID with the dashes keep it and your password in a safe place for future reference , 
Need for you to complete the registration take under 10 min can you do that now?  
Here is the link for you to sign up under. Please make sure it says this persons name on top (Byron Adams)

At the dashboard look where it says upgrade and click on it. It will ask for your wallet information, please put your bitcoin address in there. 

Go to your Dashboard and click on upgrade, scroll down and you will see the bitcoin address to send your donation.  

Log into your blockchain account and click send and put in the bitcoin address for you donation. 

 It is a good idea to put in the notes section ( ex. To Mary from Steve for ZF)

Get your hash tag transaction from your blockchain account by clicking on transactions,  

then the gray arrow to the left of it, then the little blue box at the bottom left with the arrow.

 Your hashtag is then at the top of the screen (long series of numbers)

Copy that hash tag number in your Zarfund account and also the exact amt. of bitcoin that you sent. 

 Then click submit and you will get a green ok

It may take from 2 minutes to a couple of hours for blockchain to confirm your transaction.  

After it is confirmed then click on my link under the dashboard, also go through the tutorials.

Read through the files in facebook for all the marketing may go as slow as you want to wait for spill over  

or alot faster if you find 2 and help them do the same. Some people have made of 20K in 6-to 10 days!

 Many long time marketers say it doesn't get any easier than this,

only $18.00 donation, no middle man , get paid instantly and you only need 2!

This is the association's call .Two at one blow ,  Truly amazing this is  .

This article was published on 18.10.2016 by Byron Adams
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