Is your Job enough in 2016

Is your Job enough in 2016?

Are you still examining your future plans for the year? 

I don’t know about you and what you are looking at for your life to get to your next level in your life. We are almost at the point in the new year where people begin to drop off of their new year resolutions. The gym memberships are start to drop down to normal, diets are being discontinued and new relationships are being dropped. This is because you are still the person that you were last year. Change is not easy, as a matter of fact it can be scary for a lot of people and this is why so many don’t become what they want at the start of the year.

Change takes time, determination, persistence. And willingness to get up every morning and stay committed to the process. A lot of people look for new jobs in the start of the year mostly because their present job does not provide the stimulation or satisfaction they need to be both happy and productive. How many of us dream for something more, some better for our lives? We compare ourselves to friends, family, others on the job and what we see on the TV. Do you really want to do better in 2016? If so you have to be hungry and be willing to do whatever it will take to make the change. Stop comparing yourself and start looking at what the person who is doing good is doing in their life and start doing the same. Are they going back to school? Are they going for that degree? Or at least going for the needed certification to help them get to the next level or just to improve themselves?

Have you looked at maybe starting a business or a homebased business? There are a lot more new businesses and home based businesses being started every day in the past decade because of the economy. Let’s be honest the only ones that are doing better are the CEO’s of major corporation. Most small businesses are struggling to stay afloat while others are doing well. Yet starting your own business is a daunting task it is better than staying with a job that doesn’t make you happy or satisfy your needs. I know it pays the bills, but then what? Look at what the successful people are doing again. What are they doing that you’re not? School? Courses? A second job, or a part-time business?

The answer is all of them depending on who you see. There is a variation of things being done and thus they are gaining in life. If you are looking at considering a part-time business will you have the time, resources and money to do so? Many people are starting homebased businesses as a way of getting off the ground. Before you go jumping into the fray take your time and examine as many fields as possible and talk with people. I chose the network marketing field as I like helping people and that is why I wrote this article. You won’t change your life by continuing to do the same thing that you did last year. Don’t let fear or procrastination stop you either. Your friends will try to hold on to you and you may have to let some of them go if they won’t support your dreams and efforts.

Take a look at the 5linx business! If you like saving money on what you are already spending money on and you like to help people, then take a look at it. You are already sharing all kinds of things with family, friends, business associates and friends of friends. Why not get paid for what you are doing already doing? Whatever you choose just do it or you will see 2017 come and you will be right where you are now. There are a lot of businesses to do and start from home but you won’t know till you step out and look.

What I am doing again is 5Linx, that is just one option look around at whatever you want just get started now.

If you would like to know more about 5Linx and the opportunity go look at my site to see how we can help you improve your life and finances. Fill out the information and I will get back to you and answer any questions you may have.

Frank Lawson

This article was published on 21.01.2016 by Frank Lawson
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