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Are you planning for success? Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we start on a path that is intended to take up to the good life. Being kind hearted and generous, we want to take our family and friends along with us on that journey. Often, we forget to do our due diligence and find out that the business we are in is not foundationally sound. There is no evil intent involved, just poor planning or poor corporate planning. 

When businesses set up their marketing strategy, the person who signs up has no ideas where to get the number of individuals they need to make the business successful. Sometimes the corporate tycoons of the business may be experts at creating a corporate structure, but they have no ideas of what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign that anyone can follow.

Advertising on the Internet changes constantly. When this happens, hard work and lofty dreams go awry. The two most popular forms of online advertising include social media marketing and email marketing. We, as entrepreneurs must be careful in our decisions when choosing a new marketing strategy because of the time required and also the possible costs involved.

If we embark on a marketing campaign that is ineffective our whole team can lose momentum. Building an email list takes a lot of time. But sending out SPAM is dangerous to our reputation and to our future online business associates. The heart and soul of an online business lies in the amount of traffic that a website or online presentation can create.

Social marketing on the other hand is also time intensive. There are new software programs and widgets that send thousands of Facebook, Instagram and twitter message to your groups or associates. However, this marketing strategy may be doomed by their administrators/owners of the trend becomes widespread. The end result of a poor decision can cost us in time and money. But, this lack of performing our due diligence can cost us dearly in terms of friendships and family relationships.

When we select our new business, we want to make sure that everyone who tries hard can achieve some level of success. Whether the business is online or a home-based business entity, we assure ourselves that every man or woman that we approach is capable of reaching the stars.

There is lot of misconception in terms of how to be successful in an online business. The days of cold calling a prospect are over for most people. People want to execute all phases of their business online. The experts claim that in order to sell a product to an individual, it takes up to seven encounters with your product or offer before they make a decision. 

When you decide on a product or service, it is important to make sales. In order to make sales, get sign ups, or just get traffic to your webpage or site, you need constant exposure. An email message blast here or there will not provide the level of traffic you or your new recruits need to be successful.  

Smart marketers know that regularity and repeatability of their advertising message is the foundations for a cash generating program. But before you do all the hard work or spend all your money; make sure you are on the right track. If you are sure of your approach then you need to go full-speed ahead with your marketing strategy. You need to get your "message" out regularly and repeatedly. 

If the statistics are correct and it takes 7 or more times for your future customer to see your "message" to complete any of the following:

• Join your program

• React to your emails 

• Visit your site

• Purchase your product or service .. .

• then you need to get to work

This process clearly explains the number of failures on the Internet. To advertise your business at this level requires complete automation. That means you have to automate your advertising, your emails, your list building, your entire marketing strategy must be automated.. In order to reap all the benefits of your hard work you must submit your advertising regularly - daily, weekly and monthly to get the results you seek in your new business.

Bottom Line

To put it simply: No Traffic = No Sales. You can be a  traffic provider and resell an extensive traffic package to your customers, downline, subscribers or the world.  The traffic package is not like the hundreds of click for credit pages that are advertised all over the internt. The owner of the site owns hundreds of webisties that are networked together to provide extensive exposure.  In addition, the owner will give the reseller of her traffic package a high percentage of the bottom line. 

Get Your Message Out and Earn Cash At the Same Time

The bottom line is unless you get your message out to your prospects or potential customers regularly and repeatedly - you have no traffic, you have no leads, you are losing sales and profits, each day that you delay making the decision to automate your business marketing.  Click below to experience real traffic for your business.

Our services provide exactly what you need and you make money on both ends.

This article was published on 12.09.2016 by Virginia Sanders
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