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 Meta Force is Decentralised Smart Contract Built on the Polygon Blockchain

Earnings of Meta Force goes Straight into ones Trust Wallet without any third party intervention.

 Meta Force has two Major ways of Earnings that is through it Digital Products and Crowd Funding system

Some of the Digital Products includes Force Coin, NFTs, Metaverse & Web 3, Uniteverse Force Boost and more.

The Crowd Funding which is the Force Classic has 12 Streams of Income divided into s6 and s3 which leverages on both referrals and Spillovers / Overflows.

Meta Force has Auto Upgrade and Auto Reactivations system making it easy for members to go about their normal duties whilst the system works

Meta Force is now offering 50% price discount for members in the distribution of the Force Coin through the Force Classic.

The Minimum Start-Up Capital is $5 and a Gas Fee of $1 to $2

On Activation of Levels you are given a Cashback equivalent to your Activation amount in SFC for Future Price Speculations

Meta Force is not an Investment project where huge ROI are promised and later vanish into thin air.

Registration and Activation is done through Trust Wallet because Built on the Blockchain.

Meta Force uses the following Coins for its transactions

Polygon Matic for Gas Fees

PoS Dai Stablecoin for Activation

SFC for receiving your Cash Back

SFC-R for receiving your Rewards in Recycling of levels

This has never happened before on the Internet Space for using 4 different types of Assets for a transaction

Join Meta Force now before the 50% Discount is over.

COPY the Link below and follow the steps in the video provided for the Registration and Activation

Register with this link


Force Coin (SFC) . This great Coin is immediately rewarded to you as it goes straight into your Wallet just after Registration and Activation of your Account according to levels or you Activate

Force Classic, the first product which we are promoting with 50% Discounted Price as a conduit for the Distribution of the SFC which gives 300% in its s6 and 200% in s3 as Earnings simultaneously.

NFTS next to be launched and very soon

Uniteverse on the road map

Metaverse & Web 3.0 on the road map

Trader's Club on the road map

Boost Pro on the road map

Force Marketing Tools on the road map

Force Academy on the road map

And more on the road map

Register with this link


The Features or why you should join this Meta Force Great Business

Decentralised and on the public ledger which cannot be tempered with even by the creator.

Taking advantage of the 50% Discounted Price per Level now

The Distribution of the Force Coin equivalent to your Levels activated. That is Full Cost Recovery benefit

Low Minimum Start Up of $5 and $1 gas fee

100% Affiliate Commission

Multiple Streams of Income including Massive Spillovers and Overflows

Auto Reactivation

Auto Upgrade

Instant payment through the blockchain public ledger into your Wallet

Activation never expires

We work as a Team for mutual benefit for all Business members

It's a Lifetime Project. Until the Internet is no more.


This Meta Force Program is not one of the normal 2×4 online businesses that gives interest on daily basis and Scam innocent people later.

It is not an Investment venture

It is not a get rich quick scheme.

It is not a Scam Program

It is not pyramid scheme

It is not a Ponzi scheme



This article was published on 22.08.2022 by Joseph C. Tetteh
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Augustine Arinze I want to join the Al Learning. Send the Appen Registration Page  3 months ago

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