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What makes Livegood so different from other mlm?

If you have been in the health and wellness or the make money online or home business online space you will of come across Livegood. You are probably wondering what makes them so different from other MLMs.  Im going to explain everything so you can decide for yourself because there is so much misinformation out there that it's hard to tell who is telling the truth.

So what is Livegood?

Livegood is a direct sales company offering high-quality nutritional supplements with a savings membership like Costco. The membership costs $9.95 per month or $100 for the year and you can buy high-quality health supplements at wholesale prices with no auto-ship the customer can buy as and when they want and as much or as little as they want. For people who dont want to sign up for a membership, there is a retail option that costs more but is still very reasonable pricing and most people who buy retail often take up the membership when they see the benefits of these incredible supplements. Livegood also has an affordable business opportunity for just a one-time fee of $40 you can become a lifetime affiliate this will give you a chance to share and earn some people become affiliates just to share with a few friends and some become affiliates to create a long term business with passive income.

What makes Livegood different from other MLMs?

The business model let me explain to understand this you need to look at other business models so take a look at  supermarkets, pharmacies, any shops, or MLM, and most businesses ALL pay for the running costs of their business with the profits of their sales  Livegood and Costco pay for all there business costs with the membership fee Costco has 90 million members bringing in a whopping 9 billion a year with just the membership fee plus they make profits from shopping sales the customer is happy because they are saving and Costco is very happy

 Livegood has 1.3 million members close to $13 million a month and $156million a year in revenue growing they pay around 3.5 million in commissions every month also growing this business model means Livegood can spend more on high-quality ingredients bringing the consumer much better products for a more affordable price because of this customers stay with the membership so as you can see this is the multi-million business model.

What you get with a Livegood Business

When you sign up to Livegood for a business you get everything you need for success all included in the price so by being a member you get access to high-quality health supplements at low prices and they are high quality I only take the super greens and super reds and I feel amazing I have more energy my mind is in a happier place I no longer have a cough from vaping and I still vape and I got results within 2 days of taking them iv never had these results from other products iv tried this surprised me and I paid for a year membership because I know I want to feel this good all the time. The $40 one-time fee gets you you're done for you marketing system easy to use and you also have lots of training for free all you have to do is take action on what you learn if you sign up with me I will plug you into everything you need to be successful you will get full support from me this is simply an affordable business that is easy to share and I can show you how.

Claire Spencer

This article was published on 02.04.2024 by Claire Spencer
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livegood - organic supplements, 49.95 USD to join
helping people get healthy, save money,and create a better financial future with a membership that pays!

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