Are You From Africa? Why Being From Africa Has Advantages In Network Marketing

It seems that everyone from around the world, believes that if they were in America or The United States, their business would be more successful.

Since America once again has a strong economy and everyone is working and looking for opportunity, that would be the place to be?

But for network marketers in America, they believe that their area is the bad area and only if they were in a different area things would be better.

Easily put, the truth is no matter where you are, network marketing is difficult.

And for all those around the world, you can do business anywhere as if you were in that same area yourself.

Why Being In Africa Has Advantages

People outside the United States have a much better relationship pattern among the people they know.

Many people in Africa have internet, which is the same as being in the United States, and can do business here.

So, I have put together the start of a team in Africa, with an English speaking person, who is going to run the team in the entire continent of Africa.

So if you are in Africa, now is the time to take advantage of something big, coming your way.

You are going to have access to sell a product that is currently selling better than anything else in America. And you can enjoy the commissions of these American sells.

All you need to do, is reach out to me and ask for more information on how to get working with us.

Don't Have A Bank Account In Africa? No Problem

I have had many people in South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, and others, who are so eager to join this movement but have no back account to make their overhead costs.

They have Rhands, and other forms of cash, but no card or pre-paid cards (really big in America).

Now, we have a way for you to get involved if this is the case.

You have an individual who will take the cash and place you on the team.

This was needed in order to help those in Africa get started in the business.

Through this individual you are able to get into the company and build a team in your local community and even participate online in selling the hottest selling physical product at the moment.

Are You Located In Africa? Heres What To Do

I am not going to use a link to what I am referring to, as this would allocate you under myself.

Instead, I am going to ask you to message me here on MLM Gateway, and let me know you want more information to see if this will be a good fit for you.

If you do this, I will send you a link to get involved and take the free tour so you can see how this all works.

If you do wish to work with us and build this massive team in Africa, now is the time. You'll be one of the first people to get on board and enjoy all the business that comes from all of Africa, and even some from Europe and North America. It's really a special thing,

So go ahead now, and send me a message here on MLM Gateway, and let's talk about this and let me explain to you why this is so beneficial to you simply because you are in Africa.

Don't Have A Credit To Connect With Me For A Message?

I get it.

We all run out of credits here, so we can't send a connection request which is needed first before we can communicate.

If you do not have a credit, or are very low, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and let me know you want to talk.

I will use my credit to connect with you and we can then talk about this.

Comments don't use credits, so feel free to leave me a comment if you are from Africa and want to learn more.

P.S You can also comment, or connect about this from anywhere in the world. This will be continuing to spread and you need to know about this before it's so big there is no one left to prospect! Reach out from anywhere in the world and let's connect if you are interested in being the legs in your country!

This article was published on 15.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Felix Arthur from Ghana and interested and want to know more   1 year ago
Alan Wright My wife's from Botswana!  1 year ago
Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma Hi . Can we discuss further about this ...   1 year ago
Adekunle Nurudeen Hello I'm from Nigeria I'm interested  1 year ago

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