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The Power of Leveraged Income!

If we're to escape the economic hardship caused by our dwindling financial situations, we need to acquire some financial education that could help us to improve our financial situations. One thing we need to understand is that the types of our source of income determines if we would have financial security and piece of mine or not, this is very necessary because this understanding would help us to know where to focus more of our income generating efforts on.

To have financial security and piece of mind, we need to have the ability to earn LEVERAGED INCOME which is a type of income that does not depend on your efforts; whether you’re ill, sleeping or on holiday, your income would continue.

You could leverage 3 things to earn reliable income without any effort:

1) MONEY:- If you can afford millions of Rand, you could invest it with investment companies and earn reliable income without any effort.

2) SYSTEMS:- You could also invest millions of Rand, in buying a Franchise like Mc Donald and earn reliable income without any effort.

3) OTHER PEOPLE’S EFFORT:- You could build a team of people and leverage their efforts to earn reliable income with little or no efforts.

Without any source of leveraged income, you and your family would surfer in the raining days, when you cannot show up at your workplace especially if you’re self employed. Good example is days when you’re ill or for any unforeseen situations that could prevent your from going to work.

If such situations should prolong for a longer time, everyone without any source of leveraged income would suffer serious financial consequences. That is why Warren Buffet, one of the richest men on earth says “If you don’t find a way to earn income while you sleep, you would work till you die”. This means that if you only have a “WORK and EAT” source of income, you’ll never have financial piece of mind.

Income from Network marketing is the only available source for the ordinary people who could not afford the first 2 categories of leveraged income above. Although building a Network Marketing business would take some initial efforts, unlike the first 2 types above where you could just invest money and start earning without putting any efforts. However with network marketing, you only need a small capital investment and after your initial efforts, you could seat back and start earning without any additional effort.

If you found this article valuable, kindly leave your comment or question bellow. Thanks so much for your time, take care and God bless.

This article was published on 02.10.2019 by Kayode Ajimoko
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