Tropic Skincare, more than a great business with fabulous products, it’s a gift!

Just over a year ago my husband and I moved to Cornwall to be near my daughter and my first grandchild. Previously we lived in Essex and both had a large network of colleagues and friends and I had a full on job working as Manager of Colchester Foodbank. It wasn’t easy moving to a new place at our time of life, but the joy of our new granddaughter made up for all that. However, I was aware of the need to make a life for myself so as not to be dependent on my daughter in that way. I had been watching my good friend Bridgette in North Wales with her new Tropic Skincare business and could see that she was doing very well, loving the products and the business. I kept saying to myself that I might like to do that when I’ve met some people and built a bit of a network of colleagues. Bridgette very kindly sent me the cleanser to try for free and I really fell in love with it and this was quickly followed by one of those aha moments! It went something like this ‘Linda, you’re just making excuses why you can’t start the Tropic business – when you start you will automatically begin meeting new people and networking’ – it reminded me of something I read which says ‘Don’t wait for the change to happen – be the change’ Well that was it – the shift had happened and I joined up straight away (after discussing it with my husband of course!) and was able to attend the Plymouth Roadshow that same evening, where I met some amazing people including Susan Ma (Tropic co-founder with Lord Alan Sugar) and Gaynor Cooper (a very inspirational lady who is a friend of Bridgette) It’s almost four months down the line now and I honestly cannot believe the way my life has changed and all because of Tropic. I now have some lovely friends and met loads of really interesting people. I am part of so many networking groups and organisations that I have to pick and choose carefully what I do otherwise I’d be in burn out already! I now have to use my diary to fit people in for social or business meetings. Then there’s the amazing business which I am loving and making a real income from and the fabulous products which make me feel great every day and happy in the knowledge that I am not putting any harmful chemicals on my skin. I love the fact that there is no pressure from anyone to do anything but if you want to go for it there is so much help, support and incentives from Tropic itself and from the wonderful team I am in, headed up by Bridgette. So many doors have opened for me since joining Tropic but probably the best one so far has come from taking up one of Bridgette’s challenges to talk to three strangers in a week. I walked into a hair and beauty salon with my free facial vouchers and ended up being offered the opportunity to do my therapy work and have my Tropic products available in place of their current range, and if I want it they are willing to train me as an apprentice hairdresser (the very thing I wanted to do when I came down to Cornwall!) They are having a launch day for me on 1st June where I will be doing facials and other demos - they are advertising and providing refreshments for the day! It seems inevitable that when you come on board with a social marketing business you start to look at personal development and honing your attractor factor skills. I’ve done quite a lot of this in the past and so it seemed natural to me to start re reading about The Law of Attraction and similar themes. The personal development that comes with this business is yet another plus point for me. I came across some small books by Genevieve Davis on this subject except she refers to attraction as ‘Magic’ – coincidentally after reading three of her books I then attended a Magic Carpet Ride – guided Meditation/Visualisation morning with Mary Lunnen of Dare to Blossom and to be honest I really have noticed the Magic happening! I’m now reading her book about Manifesting Money and guess what – yes my sales have been increasing!

I have a name for my new team – my first team member joins next week and has already helped me with a couple of events. It’s Tropic Team Magic. My involvement with Tropic has even inspired me to set up a new group called Women Inspiring Women – it’s an online group at the moment but courses and workshops will follow. Its purpose is to help inspire women to reach their true potential. Tropic really is more than a great business with fabulous products – it’s a gift! Thanks Bridgette!

If you would like to join me get in touch - my web page is

Grab this opportunity - it truly is a gift!

Linda Hurr B.Sc. Hons

This article was published on 16.05.2016 by Linda Ann Hurr
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