Join Team Fusion! For 599 you can impact 1 million lives by 2018!!

I am looking for hardworking partners who are motivated to be successful! Kyani has been around since 2007. We first launched over seas because as we all know America was pretty nutritionally bankrupt! It blew up in the over seas market, and just 23 months ago launched here in the USA! We are currently sitting at 1% Market penetration.... that's right! I will say it again... 1% Market penetration! Our goal is to impact 1 million lives in the US. You are on a Million Dollar Post right now folks.  

Come bpart of a business that's creating passive income for my self and others and its expanding across America as well as other countries San Diego is blowing up right now so I'm really excited to be moving back for sure!! What we've done is merge ONLINE MARKETING and Network Marketing and automated the recruiting process making it much simpler to find ppl that want to built a business. Because of this platform, that we run through an APP, people don't have to talk to anyone that doesn't want to talk to them 1st. Who doesn't wanna be part of a company that all the work is Done For You?? That's right we not only offer an amazing compensation plan that sets you up for success but we also have 3 power house products that literally sell their selves. We don't sell anything here at kyani, we hand out samples to people who need them. My family has been blessed with the products, my mom suffered from chronic migraines to the point where I would have to take her to get a shot that would knock her out for 2 days at a time. Since she has taken the product she has not had a single headache! My dad who is type 2 diabetic is now off of his meds, blood sugar is in check and has even gotten better blood pressure. It's truly amazing how it effects people's life's! The other amazing thing is the Potato Pack pledge. See Kyani was founded by 2 billion dollar families. One family owns Idaho Potato, and the other company owns Philips 66. At the end of the year all of the left over potatos that don't get used are dehydrated and pumped full of essential vitamins. They are then packaged and set up for donation. Each potatoe pack you donate feeds 5 people! The owners will actually match your donation out of their own pocket so really if you donate a pack then you are feeding 10 people. They also use all of the funds from the donations to go on an annual mission trip to foreign countries to not only hand deliver all of the potato packs but also to help build new schools, supply them with clean drinkable water and much more. These people are solid and the company is solid.

This article was published on 09.08.2016 by James Douthit
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