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If you like clothes and fashion, 1 Fashion Global will interest you. 1 Fashion Global is the first and unique company in fashion in the world launched in may 2016.

It's a young company but with a big vision. You can find the collection of the company but also other brands like Armani, Guess, Cavalli, Calvin Klein... for women and men. 

A collection for children and one of sportwear will come soon.

 With this company you have your own shop on line (22 $ for a year) and you can buy the products with a reduction of 10% on every item.

All countries are invited to join this exciting adventure.

With 1 Fashion Global you can earn several bonus with your partners and customers.

The compensation plan has 8 ways to earn money:

- Direct Sales Bonus: 10% of purchases made in your page / personal store

- Quick Start Bonus: 10% of the volume of the first purchase of your direct

- Bonus founder: the company offers 500 founding packs 1 000 €. It entitles to 5% of overall net sales of the company, paid quarterly.

- Infinity Bonus: 10% of the volume of the first purchase of a person in your network, depending on your rank in society

- Lifetime Bonus: 2% for life for those who have reached the last row of the company (Diamond rank)

- Residual Bonus: no need to be qualified, just be active. The company pays 50% of all purchases in your network

- Bonus pool: sharing 30% of global sales

- Bonus trips and bonuses: according to the rank achieved, gifts and bonuses are offered: iphone (or rank) rolex (platinum rank), travel (diamond rank)

There are different ranks in society:

- Bronze rank: being active with 50 points, have 3 direct, have 1500 team points

- Rang money: be active with 50 points, 6 have direct, have 5000 points and team bronze in 2 different lineages

- Or rank: being active with 50 points, 8 have direct, have 15,000 points and team silver in 2 different lineages

Platinum rank: being active with 60 points, 10 have direct, have 100 000 points and team gold in 4 different lines

Diamond rank: being active with 75 points, 12 have direct, have 250 000 team points and 4 platinum in different lineages

Meetings and trips are organized to present the awards to distributors for moments of exchange and sharing.  The first meeting was in Spain the second of July. Recently offices opened in Colombia.

To know more about this company this is the link : 1 Fashion Global

You can also visit the shop and join this opportunity if you are interested in.

This article was published on 14.07.2016 by Chantal Grego
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