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Greetings, fellow marketers. Can you imagine having too many customers or sign-ups? Wouldn't that be a great problem to have? I'd like to introduce you to an amazing platform that is going to provide the solution to an age-old problem - how do I get my business known. The platform is called 20 Minute SEO. If you want to cut to the chase click here To join, click on Sign Up at the top. It's in Pre-launch and it's FREE! Let me know what you think? Now, because I have to come up with at least 400 words for my announcement here's my ramble lol. 

Most of us who are members of MLMGateway are here looking for leads for our business. There are hundreds and hundreds of us with our own business (either home-based or brick and mortar). I love MLMGateway and through them, I have found a few members who have joined my opportunities (I've even made a few really good friends from the membership). I must admit though, most of the people I contact here are only interested in bringing me into whatever business they are promoting. Sorry, even though I'd like to I can't join everything. 

What's the answer? I believe the answer is to offer something that will help MLMGateway members grow their businesses and opportunities.  Now, I'm scratching my head and thinking what is it that every business needs. Of course, you know yourself, it's ADVERTISING!  Let's face it. If you don't advertise your business no one will know about it and you might as well close shop. Also, it's a proven fact that regardless of what you are selling or promoting the more you advertise the more successful you will be.  That's where 20 Minute SEO comes in. 

Here are some ways to advertise: a newspaper advertisement, a magazine ad, a billboard, a poster board, direct mail, flyers or leaflets, brochures, pamphlets, classified ads, catalogs, business cards. Are you getting the picture? These things cost MONEY and lots of it. You can spend a fortune on advertising with no guarantee it will bring you more business or leads. I don't know about you but I don't have endless pockets of money to spend on promoting my business. I really want to advertise though. Like I said before, that's where 20 Minute SEO comes in. 

20 Minute SEO guarantees your business will have top search engine ranking. That is amazing and something I haven't seen offered anywhere else. Forget funnels and traffic exchanges and spammy email campaigns. Get with the program and join 20 Minute SEO. You'll be glad you did.

This article was published on 24.08.2021 by Sharon Wilton
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