Why Meridians Life Support Network Rocks

i have so many reasons why i love meridians life support networking business but i will list just few of the reasons.

The first reason is because it has human service in the objectives, hence it offers great humanitarian services.

Second reason is for the skill acquisition programme it runs which gives everyone the priviledge to be a boss outside networking.

The third reason is the mouth watering compensation plan it has, the compensation plan is just so cool and enticing for any networker.  Below are the compensation plan it offers at each stage

(1) FEEDER2 x 2 Forced Matrix• Sponsor/Referral Bonus of, $4• Total Payout of $8• Matrix Bonus of $10• Total Payout of $18

2) BRONZE STAGE2 x 3 Forced Matrix• Total Step Out Bonus of $140• Matrix Bonus of $100Total Payout of $240• Awards ~ A brand new mini android Phone

(3) GOLD STAGE 2 x 3 Forced Matrix• Total Step Out Bonus of $350• Matrix Bonus of $250• Total Payout of $600• Awards~ A brand new Apple iPad

(4) DIAMOND STAGE 2 x 3 Forced Matrix• Total Step Out Bonus of $420• Matrix Bonus of $2500Awards• Total Payout of $2920~ 7 days Exotic all expenses paid trip Dubai~ Brand new Hyundai car worth $20000

5) EXECUTIVE DIAMOND 2 x 3 Forced Matrix• Step Out Bonus of $1400• Matrix Bonus of $3000• Total Payout of $4400Awards~ A brand new jeep worth $25000

6) INFINITY• $5000 will be paid into your account once downline comoletes the executive diamond stage and joins you here.

The fourth reason is for the simple matrix system it adopts a unique 2X2 and 2X3 matrix system which is fast, easy and objective.

The fifth reason is for the quick and fast payout. The programme pays networkers fast

The sixth reason is for the no level balancing system before earnings is that not a good one? I dont have to complete a stage or balance my leg before i can earn money its really cool.

The seventh reason is for the amount involved to get registered i dont need to break my bank account to try it out,i can always do that at my convenience and its a good one which allows everyone to GEt a place in the system thereby giving everyone an avenue to earn.

I will stop here for now as there are so many reasons why i love this programme.

There are undoubtedly so many reasons why i just love this programme, its simplicity also keeps me wandering what else do i need in a networking programme? Its all here and all good.

This article was published on 10.09.2016 by Mercy Folorunsho
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