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This is a GREAT Day to say THANK YOU!

      Today is the Anniversary of perhaps one of the most disturbing day's in American History, 9-1-1. It is so hard to believe that it has been 16 years since that horrific morning. I am sure that each of you, can remember what you were doing, and where you were, when you heard the news, that America was under attack! I remember like yesterday and I also remember those friends that were lost that fateful morning.  I also remember those, that by the providence of GOD, were spared and kept safe, even though their normal routine would have put them in the middle of Harm"s Way!

     Today is a Great Day to again say "Thank You" to all of the many people that put themselves into Harm's Way on a Daily basis, to protect each of us and our Property. "Thank You" to our Military men and women that Serve our Country in places All Over the World. We are so very Appreciative of your Service and Daily Sacrifice. Return to us, and your Loved One's, Safe and Soon! GOD Bless your efforts!

     "Thank You" to All of our Police Officer"s, both men and women, that go to work daily to protect our communities and to enforce law and Order, while hoping to return home safely to their own families at the end of each shift. May GOD continue to Protect each of you daily!

     It is a Great Day to say "Thank You" to each of the men and women that work  as Firemen, or as Volunteers. Each day without considering the cost, you race into burning buildings to rescue people, and to Protect Property, that is not their own. Many times at the very thought and possibility,  of losing their own lives. This type of Courage and dedication is Selfless and Honorable. Thank You for what you do for us, All in the Line of Duty! May GOD always keep you in His Hand of Protection.

     It is a Great Day to say "Thank You" for All of the First Respondent's that without thought of Personal Safety, Save, Rescue and work in all types of Terrible conditions and Disasters to make Life Better for us All! What would we do without you, and your service?

     After just living through Hurricane Irma, I can somewhat understand what the people of Texas experienced through the Horrible week of "Harvey" and how those that were personally impacted by the many events of   9-1-1. I also want to again say "Thank You" for the many layers of Government, Local, Regional, State and Federal that were ready to help those of us that were impacted by these events. Your planning and being prepared to help, are and were comforting! With each person taking care of a neighbor, being aware of the needs of others, America will survive and bounce back stronger then before! Thank You Everyone!

     On a day such as this, each of us can Forgo for today, the many Business Opportunities that we find important to each of us, and to collectively take a moment, to Thank GOD, for Everything that He does for us and for His Protection and Love! In America we have this Freedom and Today, Let's Each One, Take the Time to say "Thank You" to those we Love, Honor and Respect! "Thank You GOD", and "Thank You America"!

This article was published on 12.09.2017 by Terry Bailes
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Smiles Mbasen Lovely day  6 years ago
Aleksandra Niedzielska well said :)   6 years ago
Faith Kay Very sad day  6 years ago
Gloria Namusoke Great Article, well said  6 years ago
Jerry Caterino Terry - Beautiful article - Of course, I will never foget the 343 heroes of the FDNY who made the supreme sacrifice on that fateful day.   6 years ago

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