UNHEARD OF IN OUR INDUSTRY....check this out.....

They (the industry) said it would fail. No networking company could possibly succeed if there was:

  • NO fee to join
  • NO mandatory AUTOSHIPS 
  • NO  monthly qualifiers AT ALL
  • NO annual, semi annual fee EVER
  • NEVER HAVE  to buy product BUT still make commission

This my friends is just the short list, and by the way Basic Reset is succeeding ....why? Because people are buying the products because they WANT to, because they WORK,  and they are AFFORDABLE. 

Most networkers (myself included) start off gung ho, gonna save the world. They have been fed the hype of people will line up to join your business, buy your products, etc. etc.  And even though we know better we jump in with both feet, get business cards, phone all our friends and family, order products, sign up or set up their AUTOSHIPS and by about the 3rd month are panicking because another shipment is due to come, we haven't even consumed the last lot, we haven't sold product, or recruited like we thought we would have by now, is there money in the bank (or room on that credit card)  to cover the AUTOSHIPS AND pay for groceries this month.........

Sound familiar? Well I would like you to meet Fred Kaufman, CEO and founder of Basic Reset. I won't go into his story here and how he got to where he is, that is your due diligence for later. This article is hopefully going to make you curious enough to go to my website and watch the video there that will intoduce you to Fred and listen to his tale. It's extremely interesting.  

And if I can have one more minute of your time, to tell you that ITS ABOUT DARN TIME!! that somebody started a company where you can make residual passive income from your efforts, make a decent commission on sales, collect your commission easily and unconditionally (without the gun to your head to buy product to qualify), sell as much or as little as you want on your time table, never backslide or lose your position or status.....

I'm telling you folks, this is the best I have felt in my whole network marketing career (20 +years). To wake up in the morning and feel NO PRESSURE, to recruit, to sell, to buy, to do anything but share with everyone the miracle of how these products are helping people. And they are helping people, so much so that we may have to take down our testimonials on our website and discontinue our testimonial calls. (I'd advise you to go there ASAP before we take them down) For the simple reason that some people are using the word "cure" when sharing their results after using our products. We all know this is a no no. We time and time again claim "we do not treat, cure or diagnose" but still we have people using THAT word. 

Well I hope I have piqued your interest enough to at least go to my website and watch Fred's story. It's the best time you will invest today.


To your health, cheers


This article was published on 10.07.2016 by Carolyn Smith
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