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New Payment System

2017 – New Payment System Coming – everyone in the World will be able to use Gold to pay after Shopping, the Mayor Retailers going to offer Gold Back for Shopping.

New Payment System

Near an Amazing Opportunity to pay and earn gold back for Shopping and using our System in the Mayor Retail Businesses, Karatbars give You Opportunity to become an Affiliate and earn Commission by share and help others to do same. Everyone going to Open Karatbars Account in 2017 for be able to use our Cash Gold for Shopping, if You help them to get their account today, You going to see Income every time when someone shopping with the new Karatpay System who joined before by Yourself.

Help others to find this Opportunity in a right time and Your rewards will be a new Life!

You can earn 5 %, 10%, 15% , or 20 % Weekly Commission if You decide to get Business Membership. This opportunity for lifetime cost You only one time. Optional Opportunity if You start to be Successful with Your Team growing. If You decided to Invest and become Premium / Premium Professional Investor, You always see 20 % Income if someone buy Gold, any membership or Invest in Karatbars.

Pay out to Branded Karatbars MasterCard Debit Card :) 

Payout with any Business membership is Weekly! 

If You don't like spend Your time with Networking, You have a choice to Invest for Profit Shares on Cash Gold - what is the basic of the new Karatpay System, and the whole world going to use for pay after shopping.. 

Premium Packages

These Investment mean monthly Passive Income,

which Coming from Premium / Premium Professional Gold Pools

Karatbars always share profit to 2 Gold Pool from every Single Sold Cash Gold Bills!!!

The Premium and Premium Professional Packages Cost You one time and You going to see lifetime Monthly Passive Income from Profit shares what is unique Opportunity now! 

If You decide to get it in 2016, You going to Own 2 Shares... 

Open Karatbars Account is free. No Obligations to buy Gold, Membership, Investment, nothing… We have no monthly fees, We have no Auto Purchases, We have no membership with monthly fees…

This is the most Important thing – You can’t have free life if people know where are You in the world by tracking Your transactions with banks…

Karatpay System let You able to use secure payment with Gold - Online completely without Banks, You will not to be linked with any Banks or any kind of business by banks with us…

Connect with me for the full Info, I am always happy to help You.

You can read and see more on my Blog.

Thank You for visit me! 

This article was published on 20.10.2016 by Imre Madi
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Karatbars - Gold, Free to join

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