Smart Store System(Tired of queuing while doing your daily Shopping? We got you)

Simart Store System is a stock Management System which will change the shopping behavior. Smart Store manages inventories from the registration to the checkout (by the customer)Customer will be shopping without queuing. Using Smart trolleys, customers will be automatically paying using their Mobile money/Bank/PAYPALL accounts,You'l only be putting products of your choice in the Smart trolley then click the ‘let pay’ button when ready to go.The system will do the remaining job. ZERO Queuing,Saving up to 95%time

Smart Store System is a Product of Datit Technology, and we are raising USD 5 million in indiegogo

We are selling out some discounted items to rise this amount, from 5$ to 5000$ you can get amazing stuff!

Join us at

Datit Technology is a South African start-up in the Information technology sector. In Datit we create impact-full innovation to ease the routine activities and make a smarter and digitalised world. Datit Technology is a online based company, where workers can work from their home, we are expecting to open our first Office in Sandton (South Africa) immediately after the raise of fund. We do all that while insuring a greener world by recycling plastics. Around 40,489,564.00 Kgs to be recycled by 2024.

With 14 workers from 8 different countries we were able to come out with a brand new system which is ready to make impact in everyone daily activities: Shopping; We save our customers' time and change their shopping behaviour, we have spent more than 3 years designing a customer friendly interface, really easy to use. We wanted to keep it simple so we reduced the shopping process to 3 simple steps.

Picking Smart Trolleys/ Shopping bag: you can find smart trolleys only in Smart Stores (Smart Stores are stores and/or supermarkets were the Smart Store System is installed; note that Smart Store System is opened to all shops and stores without restriction, but it will take some time before covering every shops/stores.

Doing the Shopping: Simply put items of your choice inside the smart trolley, the smart trolley will automatically recognise the item, and will add it price to the total price which shows up in the interactive screen. You can check product information in the interactive screen. You can also check for other similar products available in the shop/store you are visiting.

Make the payment: When ready with all your shopping, you will just need press the button “let pay” then you can choose to pay with your credit/debit card, bank transfer or with cash.

After this, you are free to leave! ZERO Queuing!

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we need some more funds (USD 5 Millions) to get this product to the market. The fund collected will help us do the following task:

Open our first office (In Bryanston/Sandton/Johannesburg/South Africa) this will help us work as much more efficiently and effectively. (planning to spend half a million USD on this task)

  Get the first set of smart trolley ready. The first generation of smart trolley that will be distributed around smart stores. (2.5 Million USD)

Get some more staff members: We are projecting to hire more than 60 new employees to help us give the best of Smart Store System. (A million will be invested in here)

Get Store staff trained: Store owners need and their staff will be trained on how to manage the smart store system to best serve customers/shoppers. (we will spend 0.2 million on this task)

Marketing: we need to create awareness and make this innovation the story of the year

We encourage help us get in our target. By purchasing shopping cards. We are making the world easier, faster and better, help us be on our side!!

If you are not able to purchase a shopping card, it okey, you can still help us by sharing this campaign to your family, friends, contacts, or just talk to us via this address:  

This article was published on 09.04.2019 by Herve Mukenge
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