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Can a Crypto Guru Help Me Figure Out How I Made $4,000 in Tron Last Month?

Here's the thing...

I've always created multiple income streams online, because I don't like to have all my eggs in one basket. Also I think it's great when you can make money doing many of the things you're already doing. 

Why not get paid for buying laundry detergent? Why not make an extra few hundreds dollars per month for feeding yourself better? Why not make some bank for teaching your body how to make its own antioxidants and age in reverse?

You get it. You're here on MLM Gateway networking with networkers and probably doing exactly the same things I am. 

So, of course, I've also been involved with companies and opportunities that pay me to save and invest. 

Which is how this happened.

I have to be honest, when I was approached here on MLM Gateway about this "perpetual income" thing, I just figured it was like the many "bubble" things from the early 2000s that never really worked. 

It looked VERY similar. 

But, this guy said, it's just a few bucks in Tron to get started and I promise you, if you do this the way I teach you, it will work.

Whatever. He joined my thing. I might as well join his with the money I made as a commission.

So, I followed his steps:

1. Download Klever Wallet to your smart device

2. Put about 2500 Tron in your wallet

3. Create 6 separate Tron Wallets in your Klever Wallet

4. Name your Tron Wallets: Smart1, Smart 2, Smart3, Smart4, Smart5 and Smart6

5. Send each of your Tron wallets $300 Tron

6. Open your main Klever wallet. 

7. Switch to Klever's browser and copy and paste this URL:

8. Create your main SmartChoice account and copy your referral link.

9. Open notepad on your computer and write down your referral link. Name it SmartChoiceMain.

10. Now, simply create 3 more SmartChoice accounts, from your Smart1, Smart2 and Smart3 Klever Wallets but this time use YOUR SmartChoiceMain referral link.

You will receive 200 Tron back into your main Tron Klever wallet instantly. 

No withdrawal requests required.

As you make your SmartChoice accounts, you will want to copy and paste your referral links into your notepad so you can keep track of this.

Make sure you are joining from the appropriate SmartWallet# each time.

Once you have your first 4 accounts set up: 

Main, Smart1, Smart2 and Smart3, you will be creating 3 more under your Smart1. This will pay your Smart.1 account 200 Tron and you are all set up.

Now, you have a total of 7 Smart contracts created on the blockchain and 7 referral links. Which one do you use next?

Your SmartMain and Smart1 Accounts are good to go.

Start referring people to your Smart 2 Account.

Once you have 3 referrals to your Smart 2 account, refer people to your Smart 3 account. Repeat with each account until you have 3 referrals in each of your accounts. Then, just send any new referrals to your final account.

You have officially set up your perpetual funding machine.

Now, I honestly didn’t think this would work and I set it up, put all my referral links into a rotator and telling the rotator to make the above decisions, and forgot all about it.

Then, yesterday, when I opened my Klever wallet to send myself some Ether so I could buy some G999, I saw that I had over $4,000 in Tron!

Since, I started the above process by purchasing less than $300 worth of Tron, this represents more than $3,700 in profit in 30 days.

The total setup time took less than an hour, and placing my referral links rotator into a couple places I advertise online took me about 30 more minutes.

Easily the most I’ve ever made online for less than 2 hours of work. Definitely the ONLY set it up and forget about it system that has EVER worked.

In summary. I don’t usually join things like this, but I’m glad I did. And maybe it’s because this one, unlike the programs from the early 2000s has no administrator in the middle is why it works.

The blockchain makes it work.

You get paid in real time straight into your Klever wallet. No waiting for days, weeks or months to get paid. It’s just right there. And when you go through the process of setting up your 7 accounts, you see that happen as you are doing it.

Then, because these are smart contracts on the blockchain, that is just set up to continue.

Oh … one more thing. Since I wasn’t paying attention, and didn’t know what I was doing, I may have actually missed out on the opportunity to earn more. There's a video that explains how it all works. I didn't watch it until AFTER I made money. Oops.

So, maybe set it, but don't forget it like I did and you'll do better than I did.

The SmartChoice block chain program for earning Tron definitely works, but maybe be a little smarter than me when you set yours up. 

And if you're wiser than me and you actually understand HOW this worked, please message me and explain it. For the life of me, I honestly can't figure it out.  

Comment below if you've done SmartChoice and how much you made!

This article was published on 25.04.2021 by Gayanna 'g' Magcosta
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Smart Choice Blockchain Tron - Blockchain Solutions, 20 USD to join

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