More Things you should know about The Billion Coin (TBC)

More Things you should know about The Billion Coin (TBC)

1. The traditional money i.e print money is evolving and it is giving way to crypto currency just as cowries gave way to coins and coins gave way to paper money!

2. The paper money is giving way to crypto currencies! Crypto currency is a new form of money today, in other words, called a digital asset!

3. Digital asset means, the money is not held physically with the hand but stored in the computerized wallet.

4. Very soon, paper money will finally give way to crypto currency as USA and other nations are studying it to implement it into their banks, the central banks!

5. America is developing it's own crypto currency, China is developing it's own and I tell you, by the time, these world countries have there's, Nigeria will have no option than to adopt crypto currency!

5. Crypto currency is accepted world wide, from online merchants to physical stores!

6. The first crypto currency produced was Bitcoin so, it is widely accepted anywhere, anytime!

7. There are advantages and disadvantages of this new form of money, BITCOIN, remember, this is not a profit making business, it is a new form of money! Which means that if you neglect getting your own share of the money i.e acquiring some for yourself, you will be the one to regret it in the future!

8. One of the advantages is that, you control your money and not the government! You can hold billions and trillions without being questioned!

9. You can send money anywhere, anytime, so far network connection is available and computer is available!

10. You can send money across international boarders with little or no fee for tax or transfer fee, no matter the amount!

11. One of the disadvantages is that, it is not stable! It means, it fluctuates without notification! You can invest a million naira in bitcoin and wake up to see that it now worth half a million! So, it's a total lost!

12. In all these, there's a new form of crypto currency called TBC! TBC means *The Billion Coin* the coin got it's name from the formula the creator programmed it, which means that the growth of the price which is the ultimate price when the membership gets to a billion people holding the currency and the total supply of the TBC coin is one billion!

13. TBC is not like bitcoin, it doesn't fluctuate! This means, it doesn't go down in price, rather, it goes up as new members register to thebillioncoin

18. Kringle is the smaller unit of TBC just the way kobo is the smaller unit of naira! Satosh is the smaller unit of bitcoin, so don't be confused when you hear 250 kringles!

19. TBC is not globally accepted now, but it is accepted in the TBC economy, but it will be acceptable and spendable by November 2019!

20. Lastly, accept TBC, invest TBC, or regret it later, thank you and God bless you as you understand that the financial system of the world is changing!!!

This article was published on 29.07.2019 by Ezem Chinwe
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