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MlmGateway as the name shows, is truly a gateway to multi-level marketing. The social platform is very good for independent business owners who are looking for leads and referrals to boost their businesses. The platform is a step ahead of their competitors because of their great features and the ease of use.


The MlmGateway has been around since 2015 and still kicking. It has been tested by professionals and has been established that it is not a scam but, very reliable internet marketing tool. The company is headed by Mike Burton and it is based in the Czech Repubic. Its full address is ; Gateway Solutions s.r.o., Rybna 716/24, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic CZ 04222474

With MlmGateway, network lead generation is quite easy. Every member has the opportunity to meet experienced people in network marketing. The platform gives members the chance to share their business opportunities with one another. Every member can also promote his or her websites to visitors to the platform and also run free banner and text links advertising campaigns. As a result, every member grows network marketing teams very quickly.

Features Of The Dashboard

The MlmGateway’s dashboard is very easy to understand and navigate by both pros and newbies alike. The dashboard contains great networking features namely; Member list, Messages, Business announcements, Advertising, Connections and Referral program at a glance.

a) Member List :- Clicking on the member list takes you to see all the members on the database of the platform. They are grouped according to different countries with their business interests and contact information.

b) Messages :- You can send and receive messages from members that you are connected to on the platform. Here is one of the places that you get leads easily, by connecting to members who might have interest in your promotions directly.

c) Business Announcements :- Here you can write a business announcement about your business, your profile and include search engine friendly links so that you will be quickly indexed search engines. Then you will be driving organic traffic to your websites.

d) Advertising :- On this section, you have the opportunity to advertise your business to members of MlmGateway and non-members alike. You can upload your banners and text links.

e) Connections :- Under Connections, you can share contents, updates, announcements and contact information with members you are connected with on the platform.

f) Referral Program :- Clicking on referral program will take you to where you can refer new members to MlmGateway and earn free advertising credits that you can use for advertising your business promotions on the platform. Referring new members to MlmGateway will give you the opportunity to earn generous life-time commissions, up to 50% of their purchases. There is also a chance for you to get cash bonuses and luxury car lease payments.

In addition to all these features, you can also share your invite link on social media and by using the platform’s in-built email messaging system.


In conclusion, as a member of MlmGateway, you will be able to;

a) You will be able to meet real prospects genuinely looking for a business opportunity.

b) You will be able to connect with marketing prospects from your country or your targeted geo-location.

c) You will be able easily promote your websites and build your team.

d) Be able to get quality business leads daily for free.

e) You will be able to expand your network marketing business quickly.

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This article was published on 09.07.2021 by Fidelis Ivare
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