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Why I Left 1.2 Million/Year Business For Network Marketing

Everybody has their own story to tell. My journey with network marketing started in 2010... May 2010 as I remember. However the decision to be involved in relationship marketing started many years before... I just did not know about it. 

I was always looking for the smart ways of living and my dream was to have my own profitable company. Why? Because when I finished my studies - Marketing and Management, nobody wanted to employ me...everybody said that time: "If you have 2 years experience you will get the job"...haha so it was not possible to have it. Did you experience similar situation?  

Some people would cry, be stressed and angry on the system... but not me. Thank's God for this...because this situation forced me to open my own business. I came back to my beautiful city by the sea and I opened my first business, then second business and third business... the last one was really profitable. However another opportunity came to me that time, the information that UK border will be open to work without any permit so I decided to leave my country and try myself in the totally new environment. 

The beginning in the UK was really hard, I found my first job ever in the very busy restaurant. I was too tired to sleep... OMG I never worked so hard... that's way one day on the bus stop - I believe it was 2005 - it was rainy day, cold and I was  waiting for the bus, I was watching nice cars with happy people inside of them, I said to myself: Michael I will never work so hard, I have to change it. 

Then I started my online journey with ebay - I was extremely successful and then in 2008 I opened very successful medical centre. We started from ZERO - I spent all my money on opening the business... and I was not sure if the business will be good or not... 1.5 years later the business was doing 1.2 millions in turnover a year, 3 nominations to the best practice in London and UK. 

However I  was not happy, I created job for myself, like a jail. I was working 60-70 hours a week, I was overweight and stressed... so when the first opportunity came to me I said to myself...I really love people, I love self development and I want more FREE time, for me and family. 

I tried few companies, I lost the weight, I sold the business ...because my passion is to help people. To be with them. To grow. Beginning was hard, no success... probably most of us know that feeling when you have huge stock in the garage:) 

Finally I connected to the right mentors and we started working on building huge organisation... I was happy for some time but we realised that lots of people are not earning enough, that is hard to duplicate, that most of the mlms are about recruiting only, no customers.  I almost quit. 

I decided to check one more company, one more project.... totally different ...based on social retail concept and online activities. I am so happy for my good nose and ability to see the big pictures and feeling the visions.  Online is huge trend, traditional mlm is in decline and so hard to build. People need simple solutions, they are also more educated. So do you see where you can find the potential? 

Connect with me on the linkedin, facebook or visit my business site: howtoworkfromhome.onlline.

This article was published on 06.02.2016 by Michael Strach
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