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Hi and thanks for accepting me as part of this community. Who shops on a regular basis and is conscious of the costs....petrol, groceries, cigarettes, alcohol.....eating out at restaurants, flights and hotel expenses?? Now all these just got 20% cheaper with Saivian and that alone is a great benefit.....but what if you could save 20% plus earn an income as well. Good money......US $5, 20, 50 a day and climbing. This new program requires no product selling, no easy is it to offer someone the ability to save money on whatever they are doing already? And get paid to do it? Interested? I'd love to give you more information.....the earlier you start the earlier you start saving and earning. Contact me through 

Saivian is easy. You shop at all the stores you currently shop at now - nothing changes. You keep your receipts and use these to claim 20% off all your shopping - you can claim up to US $3,000 per year in cash back payments. That equates to an annual spend of US $15,000. Imagine all your holidays just got 20% cheaper. And who doesn't want to save 20% on petrol and groceries. Saivian is a membership based program and the cash back you can claim will easily pay your membership fee.......but if you are looking for an income opportunity then this program will not only pay your membership but start earning you real income every day. Starting at US $5 per day after referring only 3 people......and it grows fast from there. Please message me at I'd love to get you started now!

But not only that........there are lots of member businesses that offer members special offers and discount right there and then - find them easily on your phone app. Save money at the register then claim 20% back on the receipt total. It just gets better and better. More and more businesses coming on board every day. Saivian is worldwide - over 92 countries. Share this program with friends and family all over the world and you will all benefit. There is no limit to where this will go. Nothing like it anywhere - this is a unique opportunity.

I'd love to show you how you can start saving and earning right now - please feel free to connect with me here o message me through There is a video here that explains the program further. Take a minute to look into this, I'm sure you will see the exciting potential!

This article was published on 16.07.2016 by Barbara Tonkin
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