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In 2009 I suffered a heart attack.  Three blockages, two were almost completely blocked and one half way.  Two stents were put in and I was scheduled for a third one within 6 months according to the cardiologist.  I was only 47, and a type 2 diabetic, having been diagnosed just 5 years prior with the diabetes.  It was a life changing event for me in more ways than one, primarily because it aroused in me the desire to educate myself about nutrition and treating disease effectively with the proper nutrients in my diet and lifestyle.  I am not a fan of drugs as they only treat symptoms, not the underlying cause.

I learned alot about heart disease and diabetes in those days, their history and causes as well as many ways of managing them, including diet, exercise and modifications in my habits but alot of the information seemed to contradict with others and it was quite confusing at times.  After the surgery exiting the hospital,  and upon researching the effects of the medications they were placing me on, I commited to try a natural approach to the problem.

I discovered the work of Dr Linus Pauling, 2-time Nobel Prize winner in Science who was famous for promoting the use of Vitamin C.  I read his research pages, many of which the medical industry had blacklisted and came across several ways to manage my heart condition with nutritional supplements, primarily Vitamin C.  I decided on one particular protocol for my heart disease which included Vitamin C, L-Lysin, L-Proline and L-Arginine at specified dosages.   After 3 months of having the stents put in, I returned to the doctor’s office in quite a good mood feeling much better, was then given the usual tests and amazingly, the third blockage had almost cleared up!  I knew now, I was on the right track!  I wanted to find a way to successfully deal with the diabetes also because maybe I could find a nutritional link to managing it as well.

It was then, now about 3 years ago, that I came across the most widely distributed cassette tape (I found the YouTube version online) ever in the  history of health called, “Dead doctors don’t lie” by Dr. Joel Wallach.  At first, i was skeptical, because his expertise was initially in Veterinarian medicine and later in Holistic health.  But, as his patients always said, ‘he treats us like dogs, but we always seem to get better’ !!  Well, after listening carefully to what he taught about nutrition and disease, the obvious correlations between them and how what he applied in animal research and nutrition(He had a book published that is now in the Smithsonian Institution as a National Treasure!) could also be applied to humans, I decided to get on his core products called “90 for life.”  It was  a colloidal concauction of essential Minerals, Vitamins, Aminos and EFA’s formulated in a package called "The Healthy Start Pak."

I began taking it and within 1 month, I definately felt more energy, vitality and endurance.  Then, at about 3 months, an almost miraculous thing ocurred, I was able to stop one of my 3 diabetes medications!  My blood sugars were  normalizing!  The doctors had long told me that I would have to take these the rest of my life along with blood pressure medication.  Then, a year later, in March of 2014, I went off my blood pressure medicine but I’ve been a bad boy when it comes to my diet and exercise routines!  Now, recently, I’ve been able to stop the third one and have returned to the Gym and to eating right.  I have never felt better since I was in my mid 20′s!

Today, after 2 years, and the need to make more money due to our poor economy, I’ve decided to pursue the business end of sound nutrition also with this company helping others to do the same.  The average person just doesn’t know these approaches exist and the medical industry would rather keep it that way i’ve discovered.  I continue to learn so much about Dr. Wallach’s research and nutritional approach and will be searching for anyone interested in improving their health through proper nutritional supplementation and exercise along with their wealth, through getting involved in the business side if they so choose.  Thank you so much for visiting and here’s to you gaining the Secrets to Good Health and Wealth in 2015 and beyond! - Please visit my website for more information on this wonderful opportunity helping others. 

Visit my site HERE: 100766706.youngevity.com

Thank you,  Tim M.

This article was published on 18.09.2015 by Tim Mendoza
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