Hello! guys but QUESTION FIRST: WHY IS BILGATE, DANGOTE AND THE LIKE BEEN THE RICHES ON THE PLANET? ANSWER: Let's make an example with the richest man in Africa 'Aliko Dangote'. Do you know that from the 100% of people in world only 30% enjoy the benefit of 70%. Why? Let me tell you why. Dangote is the richest in Africa because more than 50,000 people work under him. He buy the time and effort of those people while sitting at the comfort of his home. If you have 24h every day to make money, Dangote has 1200000h every day to make money because he buys the time of 50,000 people. Enjoy this beat. Whether we like it or not we must use Dangote product every day. How many Dangote do you know. This is the power I am talking about. Thats why i want to share some with you some secret business. Any business I share with you, is real as you. 1. Here are the packages: If you choose the Premium Package, you get #500 from anyone you refer and #50 from all the people the people you refer, refers. Up to the 10th level. if you choose the Deluxe ; You get #500 from direct and #50 from indirect premium members... You get 3k from direct referral nd #300 from indirect referrals from your Deluxe members and You get 3k from direct and #300 from indirect Apex members. if you choose the Apex; You get 5k from direct and #500 from indirect Apex members You get 3k from direct and #300 from your indirect referrals of all your Deluxe members And you get #500 from direct and #50 from your indirect referrals from all your premium members The analysis: Unlimited means you can introduce as much people as you want using your referral, not only 4 people. When you introduce 4 people, you will be in level 1. Those 4 people also introduce 4 people each, then your network grows and builds your income. For Premium package, you earn 50% = ₦500 on your direct referral (Level 1). You earn token of 5% = ₦50 from indirect referral (level 2 - 10). On higher packages, you earn the same percentage with increase in commission. The more you introduce to this network using your referral link, the more money you earn. E.g: 50% = ₦500 x10 people daily =₦5,000 x 7 days in a week = ₦35,000 x 4 weeks in a month = ₦140,000. In a note shell: coolnaira don't sale anything. is a people helping people business Remember the sponsor name to register with is 'marone'
This article was published on 19.11.2016 by Umar Moh'd Idris
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